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Intergalactic Airlines is a passenger transit, luxury cruising & freight shipping starline. We’re building the most professional company in Star Citizen. Roleplay is optional.

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Intergalactic Airlines is a galaxy-class, TSB-certified passenger transit, luxury cruising and freight shipping starline. I’m Phoenix Branson, last living descendant of Richard Branson, known as the Founder of Virgin Galactic. I’m honored to lead Intergalactic Airlines as CEO with collaboration of the Board as we work together to profitably grow the company and create a well-organized career development plan for our members. The company name, Intergalactic Airlines, was chosen to pay homage to our roots and modest origins. The company logo, Red Phoenix, was chosen to signify a pioneering spirit, promoting ambition and determination to leave Earth.

Space is not only important for the future of transportation, commerce, and science; it’s also important for the future of imagination. Intergalactic Airlines was founded in 2460 to support RSI’s campaign, “The Air You Breathe,” to help humanity leave Earth and stake their claim in the ‘Verse. For half a millennium, this company has made space travel affordable and accessible for all people of the UEE. For the rich and powerful, we offer luxury cruising, which is a leader in first-class comfort. With an integrated operations platform, we are an import/export company, and offer freight shipping services and commodity trading initiatives connecting all major markets and industries.

Our company is committed to protecting people and assets by implementing security when additional safeguards are required. No other organization in the ‘Verse matches Intergalactic Airlines incredible safety record. We also take pride in properly maintaining our fleet through engineering services. We employ a contingent of industrial ships- the Orion to gather ore to support repair operations and the Starfarer to support refueling operations. We have explorers charting jump points and discovering new worlds. Join us today as we embark on a adventure to explore an ever-expanding galaxy with untold astral wonders.

Copyright © 2945 Intergalactic Airlines℠ is a registered service mark with the Transport Safety Board (TSB). Networking Your Galaxy® is a registered trademark. Intergalactic Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Phoenix Road, Prime, Terra. For more information, please contact your local IGAIR Service Representative. All rights reserved.


Join the Company
Intergalactic Airlines is an entrepreneurial organization and striving to define the benchmark brand for passenger transit, luxury cruising and freight shipping services throughout the PU. With a very active and large membership, it’s imperative to have dedicated members to help grow our company and exceed customer expectations.

Our members exemplify professionalism, respect and integrity and in doing so provides a fun, engaging and rewarding atmosphere. We are always looking for individuals to add to our diverse team. While opportunities abound, the true highlight of Intergalactic Airlines is the strong community and lasting friendships.

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Our Company At a Glance
✈ Galaxy-class, TSB certified passenger transit, luxury cruising and freight shipping starline.
✈ Promotes involvement, from immersive roleplay, to casual gaming, to best-practice collaboration.
✈ Primarily NA, with significant EU membership, eagerly seeking Australian/Russian/Asian members.
✈ Staffed by mature, respectful, professional adults from across the globe, operating nearly 24/7.
✈ Ensures success and satisfaction through our generous IGCARE™ employee benefits package.
✈ Predominantly PvE specialization, good basis in PvP (space marshals & escort fighter pilots).
✈ Lawful organization that must conduct business legally and cannot endorse criminal activity.

Career Opportunities
During your employment with Intergalactic Airlines, you will be able to advance in rank by working towards the goals and ideals of the company. Once your hangar doors open, you will be able to participate in missions or group operations with other members while honing your skills in your chosen profession(s). You’re free to participate in as many professions as you wish, at any commitment level. This system grants our members the utmost flexibility. You will be able to answer or issue requests through our Intergalactic Staffing Solutions™ software and other members can offer a helping hand. We will strive on building teamwork and collaboration.

The company recognizes Owner-Captaincy and those pilots already established with ships and crew of their own who wish to operate under the umbrella of Intergalactic Airlines are welcomed and encouraged to keep command of their personal ships. Ultimately, we are here to provide a framework where individuals (and the company) can attain success and acclaim in Star Citizen by working together to achieve a common goal. We have many career opportunities in the operational teams listed below.

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Operation Teams:
✈ Transit – passenger transport services and luxury cruises throughout UEE-controlled space.
✈ Logistics – freight shipping services and commodity trading initiatives around the ‘Verse.
✈ Security – flight marshals, escort fighter pilots and capital ship operations for fleet protection.
✈ Support Services – engineering, science, and resource acquisition services to support operations.

Your Benefits To Joining Us
✈ Access to Organizational Ships
✈ Access to Academy Training
✈ Discounts for Vacation Packages
✈ Discounts for Freight Shipping
✈ Discounts for Repair Services
✈ Free Medical Service
✈ Free Flight Service
✈ Free Fuel

Intergalactic Airlines is seeking talented individuals with marketing, design, art, and drafting skills to join the Marketing Team, which is responsible for all promotions, community outreach, and building our brand image in the Persistent Universe. The Marketing Team assists the Chief Marketing Officer in the development of marketing materials, such as: advertisements, commercials, merchandise, lore engagement, targeted employee campaigns, and all graphical artwork required to support said efforts.

Human Resources
Intergalactic Airlines is seeking recruiters to expand our capabilities and influence in the ‘Verse. We are looking for individuals that want to engage new members, coach, mentor and emphasize our core values, employee benefits, and career opportunities.

Our Hubs Around the ‘Verse
Intergalactic Airlines will utilize the spoke-hub distribution paradigm for operational infrastructure. This system will facilitate the efficient movement of personnel and cargo in a timely and reliable manner as well as enable efficiency with regards to route scheduling and planning. Below is the list of our airline hubs around the ‘Verse:

✈ Terra Hub- Terra, Prime (HQ)
✈ Sol Hub- Earth, New York
✈ Goss Hub- Goss II, Cassel
✈ Ellis Hub- Ellis III, Green
✈ Corel Hub- Corel III, Lo

Join as an Affiliate
Affiliate members are contractors of Intergalactic Airlines and hired (via contractual agreement) to perform work at a certain price. The payment will be payable in a lump sum upon completion of the services rendered. Intergalactic Airlines will not provide employee benefits to contractors. The contractual agreement shall clearly state the “Scope of Services” and “Price and Payment Terms.” Listed below is the Contractor Bylaws that Contract Pilots (“They”) shall follow:

✈ They are paid by the job, not by time.
✈ They are responsible for their expenses.
✈ They will furnish their own ship and crew.
✈ They are to complete the work in a timely manner.
✈ They must comply with Intergalactic Airlines Policy (IAP).
✈ They must not subcontract the services out to a third party.
✈ They must have a good reputation with the UEE Government.
✈ They are responsible for the satisfactory completion of the job.
✈ They shall raise any matters of concern to IGAIR Management.
✈ They can’t be fired so long as they meet contract specifications.
✈ They cannot disclose or communicate any proprietary information.
✈ They will determine the order and sequence they perform their work.

Copyright © 2945 Intergalactic Airlines℠ is a registered service mark with the Transport Safety Board (TSB). Networking Your Galaxy® is a registered trademark. Intergalactic Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Phoenix Road, Prime, Terra. For more information, please contact your local IGAIR Service Representative. All rights reserved.


June 28, 2015

Networking Your Galaxy®

Inspiring Vision
Intergalactic Airlines is building the most professional company in the Star Citizen universe.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to simply build a fun and rewarding gaming experience for every member. Intergalactic Airlines is built upon a foundation of trust and respect, while embracing creative and innovative ideas of our members. As a company built upon trustworthy ideals, growth will occur naturally by way of honest efforts. We promote flexibility to move among our operational teams, while fostering responsibility in terms of mutual support.

Core Values
✈ Respect
✈ Integrity
✈ Diversity
✈ Flexibility
✈ Teamwork
✈ Law-abiding
✈ Participation
✈ Professionalism

Life Balance
We understand our members have lives, families, responsibilities, and careers beyond Star Citizen. Real life must always come first. We don’t require you to put in a set amount of hours per week, we don’t have mandatory log-on times, and we don’t force you to participate in group activities, we just provide the environment to make it better and are here to cater to your needs. Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and drama-free environment while also providing a professional enterprise for all our members and contractors. However, we do have specific aspects of our community that require additional organizational commitment, such as management positions.

While not RP exclusive, IGAIR is ideal for roleplaying members/customers who seek immersion in the ‘Verse with in-character in-flight services and vacation events. We also offer additional incentives to members who engage in immersion enhancing behaviors, from naming, uniforms, speech, and so forth. Come immerse in the ‘Verse with the most realistic starline experience available! If you choose not to roleplay in-game, please respect those who do wish to roleplay, and vice-versa.

Lawful Organization
Intergalactic Airlines must conduct business through legal channels and cannot tarnish our reputation by conducting or endorsing criminal activity. The most important business asset is our reputation.

Corporate Strategy
✈ Customer Care
✈ High Employee Morale
✈ Outstanding Reputation
✈ Innovative Technology
✈ Profitability & Growth
✈ Effective Partnerships

Brand Strategy
✈ Community Outreach
✈ Recruitment Brochures
✈ Advertisements
✈ Merchandise
✈ Commercials

Nationality / Timezone
Players from all nations and time zones are welcome!

We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server for members and contractors of Intergalactic Airlines, and for all of our partner organizations, to facilitate collaborative communication. Being active on TeamSpeak is NOT required.

TeamSpeak Server


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Copyright © 2945 Intergalactic Airlines℠ is a registered service mark with the Transport Safety Board (TSB). Networking Your Galaxy® is a registered trademark. Intergalactic Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Phoenix Road, Prime, Terra. For more information, please contact your local IGAIR Service Representative. All rights reserved.