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The Ignoble Order / IGNOBLE

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The Ignoble Order is an established multi-game clan that shines in competitive gameplay and fun, humorous sessions. We are composed of casual and hardcore gamers that have reached #1 on a number of competitive ladders.


The Ignoble Order was founded in 1994 by Fluffytuff (aka Ashen Shuger) in the Ultima Online MMO, as a PK guild on the Lake Superior server. After establishing our dominance for a few years, we moved on after the infamous anti-pk patch to play Call of Duty, and bring TIO to the fore-front of the FPS competitive gaming scene first in TWL and then moving on to CAL. We have since played the competitive Battlefield and Call of Duty titles. We also play ARMA III which encompasses popular tactical mods such as Wasteland, Breaking Point, and King of the Hill, using our competitive FPS experience to destroy other teams that we come in contact with.

In the MMO world, The Ignoble Order has established itself as a major force in World of Warcraft during launch until the first expansion, in which we were the largest Alliance guild on the Laughing Skull server, where we were ranked #3 overall on the server. Recently, we established ourselves in Star Wars: The Old Republic, where during launch we were the #1 guild on our server, achieving world firsts in raiding, in which other guilds would commonly look up to us to learn how to defeat raid bosses and share that information with the rest of the server.

We will currently be digging in and establishing ourselves in Star Citizen as a multi-tasked corporation in which we will make our name known.

Our base of operations and CIC is an indomitable Idris-M Frigate.


The Ignoble Order constructs relations with other organizations through trading contracts and security contracts.

Capitalism is key, and The Ignoble Order’s trade fleet is self-sufficient through its own personal security fleet of hot-shot pilots.


1. No Douchebaggery to each other

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