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Icarus Interstellar Incorporated / III

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Icarus Interstellar Incorporated is a highly successful and dedicated company specializing in a wide variety of interstellar goods and services while providing the quality, expertise, and professionalism demanding customers expect.
“If you need the best service, you need our service.”


Thanks for stopping by, friend!

Icarus Interstellar Incorporated is a light-roleplay / roleplay-friendly organization that is playing Star Citizen. We are small, tight-knit, and very friendly organization with a corporation theme. We will participate in a broad range of immersive, challenging, and fun activities while striving to maintain a high-quality organization with a friendly atmosphere and no drama.

Our current base of operations is at our Guilded site. Guilded is a “much improved Discord” and offers us more functionality currently than Spectrum. When Spectrum improves, we will consider moving operations. We are looking for potential new members that are looking for a small and active org with a lot of potential. We are currently accepting new members.

Although we have a decent amount of members, we also have a smaller active core group of members (8-12 members as of May 2022) that play every other Saturday evening and many Fridays and an occasional Sunday afternoon. This core group plans missions and events every week and rotates through the various game content as a crew of a large ship or multiple ships. We enjoy working together as a team as we learn the game. We also attempt to network with other orgs when we can in order to do larger events.

If you are looking for a small and very friendly org where everyone knows each other and has a drama free and easy-going atmosphere, then we might be what you are looking for.

Click HERE to go to our Guilded site where you will find detailed information about who we are. We are currently looking for new members to join us on our adventure. Click here to find out more.


Please see HISTORY page.


Please see HISTORY page.