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Roberts Space Industries ®


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Judge us not by our means, but what we seek to accomplish. <—— Discord Server


In the year 2546 Cerberus was born, mostly inspired by the Tevarin war, the original founders believed in the preservation of humanity at any cost and after seeing the war take place they knew that it was just a matter of time until another species attacked, that conflict was always inevitable and should united government fail to take proper action, Cerberus would take that action. Operating mostly within isolated cells Cerberus used it’s covert tactics to remain out of sight of the government whilst harvesting resources illegally from other planets that had been claimed. Cerberus was able to establish itself in space with the construction of a permanent headquarters and used the resources taken to pay for it along with it’s employees. The location of this station is unknown to most, even many Cerberus operatives will never know where it is as it has been drifted into the dark parts of space to avoid sight of any alien species as well as other humans.

The Empire was formed some years later and had taken notice of Cerberus, however finding them was a challenge that still persists to this day. Agents come and go and as quick as they came they vanish into thin air. Cerberus had a price on it’s head eventually after stealing what it needed from other corporations as well as the Empire itself. Also wanted for taking resources from alien planets that didn’t belong to them, a search was sent out across the verse for Cerberus. In one instance a small skirmish took place when scanners on a human colony had detected a Cerberus signature in the area, the local government mobilized a force to detain the Cerberus fighter however they did not go quietly. The fighter had managed to take out three of the Empires ships before being taken down, the agent operating the ship had died on impact of the crash.

Cerberus took this as an act of aggression despite that the agent in question had retaliated against the Empire. Believing that more conflicts were inevitable from their own people, Cerberus focused it’s efforts on the development of weapons systems and technology. Some of the best implants came out of the Cerberus, boosting their agents capabilities far beyond that of someone without the implant. This also meant that Cerberus needed to become even more reclusive to avoid detection and to avoid having any of their secrets spilled out.

By the year 2600, Cerberus was almost untraceable and now whenever resources went missing, or a government computer was hacked it was almost always impossible for the Empire to link the attacks directly back to Cerberus, effectively keeping them in the dark as to what was going on.

Moving forward to present day Cerberus still holds the core beliefs that it started with. However, Cerberus now works with some of the larger corporations in space from behind the scenes. Creating deals and performing contracts in good faith for it’s allies, also borrowing tech from one another for research and development. The Empire is still on the hunt for Cerberus but isn’t necessarily at war with them as much time has passed. Agents continue to operate with absolute secrecy and diligence.


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