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Immobile Industries / IMMOBILES

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We strive for quality over quantity.

Featured by RSI and our ops showcased by CIG.

Immobile Industries is building an engaging, active, autonomous organization.




Founded initially as the successful PMC ‘Immobilized Command’ in 2948 by content creator DTOX and Aristaan, Immobile Industries is the result of a growing network and bond between a mature community of active players with a variety of playstyles and strengths.

Performing large scale group events, Operations and feats not seen by any other org at the time, the IMI gained popularity in 2949 with its routine and regular operations and ORG vs ORG scrims vs DAKO, ARAS, UEE Pathfinders, Void Runners and other organisations in the Verse.

After realizing the power of logistics and trade in Star Citizen, we decided it was time to expand beyond an organised PMC and harness the group’s strengths to begin the ambitious challenge of becoming a self-sufficient Industrial organisation with a powerful PMC at its core. With a strong network of allies in the verse, anything is possible!


“My dear Immobile’s,

It’s been an incredible year becoming one of the most active and accomplished organizations in Star Citizen already. We have brought fun, comradery, community, action and of course, liability, to areas of Star Citizen that were previously unreachable. It has become even more apparent that star citizen is a game enjoyed to its fullest when played with others, so thank you all for your blood, sweat and salty tears in demonstrating the capabilities of this community and game so early on.

With your continued support, I am now looking to expand the organisation, and bring us into the realms of a SCI-FI corporation, using the power of industry in Star Citizen to become one of the leading organisations in the Verse. Going forward, we will be known as ‘Immobile Industries’, consisting of multiple departments encompassing the professions of Star Citizen.

We are still going to be the same awesome group of people, we’re still going to work with other organisations and continue to build a strong network of allies. From a leadership, structural and future growth standpoint this will be a much more flexible organisation, catering to all the playstyles of its members with the powerful, focused internal PMC at its centre – the ‘Asset Defense Corps’.

To everyone here, and those who have been part of this community we have built for over 4 years, thank you for being a fantastic bunch of nerds, and here’s to the future of the Immobile’s and the best damn space sim ever, Star Citizen.

Thank you.”

DTOX, CitizenCon 2949.


“Have fun, that’s an order!”

We’re professionals, we’re not the good guys, but we’re not lawless pirates either. There will be no backstabbing, trolling or cheese. Give everyone a chance to create the most enjoyable experience possible. Treat everyone fair, and provide the experience YOU would appreciate having. You are a reflection of the organisation and its community. Be respectful, a team player. We don’t want attention seekers, drama instigators or glory hunters. Have fun! And let’s make some moves.

Should you choose to inherit these ideals, you are welcome among us.