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Interstellar Foundational Exploration / INFEX

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Welcome to Interstellar Foundational Exploration

INFEX is an organisation dedicated to providing as much value to the public as possible. We achieve this through projects such as our comprehensive POI mapping effort Project Axi, and our navigational program suite, Jetstream.


Active Projects

Projects are INFEX’s primary channel through which it provides value to the community.

Project Axi


To comprehensively map all Points Of Interest, and collate them for easy viewing by the public.


  • [COMPLETED] All HUD-marked bases and outposts have been logged
  • [IN PROGRESS] 8 shipwrecks have been logged; currently in the process of confirming if there are any more
  • [IN PROGRESS] 3 unmarked bases or outposts have been logged and at least 1 undiscovered base has been confirmed; currently in the process of locating them
  • [PLANNED] Visual guides for important locations such as the drug lab and the Javelin wreck are planned

Project Jetstream


To create a suite of navigational applications to make it easy for the public to get to specific locations as fast as possible. Axi should plug into Jetstream and there should be systems in place to allow for easy navigation to any Axi documented location.


  • [COMPLETED] A calculator to determine a flight path to any location on a planetary body through triangulation of Orbital Markers has been completed
  • [IN PROGRESS] Axi integration is in progress
  • [PLANNED] A calculator to use HUD-marked bases and outposts for triangulation is planned
  • [PLANNED] An easy to navigate interface for Axi data is planned
  • [PLANNED] A method of entering data into Axi through Jetstream is planned

Future Projects

There is currently one planned project.

Ship Performance Database

This project will test ships for performance statistics and publish them in an easily accessible format.

Examples of statistics that will be tested are:

  • Acceleration time from 0m/s to max SCU or AFB speed, with variables such as use of boost, space/atmosphere, and using decoupled mode to make use of the main thrusters
  • Deceleration time from max SCU or AFB speed to 0m/s, with variables such as use of boost, space/atmosphere, and using decoupled mode to make use of the main thrusters
  • Time to turn 360° in all three axis


INFEX specialises in a number of activities in the Verse.

  • Exploration
  • Scouting
  • Prospecting
  • Colonisation
  • Search and rescue
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency response


Being part of INFEX means a commitment to our values and goals and to represent the organisation in the Verse.

There are two tiers of membership to INFEX; Casual and Dedicated.

Casual Membership

Applications for Casual membership is open to the public and organisation exclusivity is not enforced. Simply submit a request on the recruitment page. There are no prerequisites other than a commitment to our values.

Dedicated Membership

Dedicated membership requires organisation exclusivity and a commitment to participating in the active projects. You will be invited to join INFEX as a Dedicated member after you have been a Casual member for a period of time and proven your dedication to the organisation.


In all its operations, Interstellar Foundational aims to provide as much value as possible to the Citizens of the Verse. All research and tools INFEX produces are distributed free of charge to the public.

Interstellar Foundational is a fully law-abiding organisation and no illegal activities within our ranks will be tolerated. As part of our commitment to the community, INFEX will actively dedicate any unused assets to protect and rescue those in need.


As a member of INFEX, you represent the organisation and must act appropriately, in the Verse or otherwise.

  • You should be considerate, respectful, and friendly to other Citizens
  • Piracy, smuggling, and other unlawful activities will not be tolerated if you fly under INFEX
  • If you are called upon for an emergency, you should respond if you are not otherwise occupied
  • If you are a Dedicated member, you should participate in active projects as much as possible

Severe violations of the values of the organisation may require you to forfeit your membership.