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Independent Professionals Society / INPROSOC

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“The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage.” – Thucydides (460 BC – 395 BC), Greek Historian

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2950 06 24 – Independent Professionals Society (IPS) Is founded. Initial founding members and open recruitment begins.
2950 06 27 – Formation of IPS Charter and Manifesto are finalized. Org structure is set up with ranks and roles as well as a forum for members to discuss IPS business. More members recruited and assigned ranks and roles.


The Independent Professionals Society (IPS) is made up of a diverse group of individuals who, for various reasons, have decided to live in the wild and unregulated systems outside UEE control. Members of the IPS are free to accept jobs that they wish to do without the demand of doing a specific job from the IPS. We are here to provide support and a network of like minded professionals that a ship captain can draw upon to complete the missions they want to do. Be this mining, trading or combat related contracts. The IPS will also seek to expand our sphere of influence and control in the unclaimed and unexplored systems of the verse. We will build outpost and stations for trade and sanctuary.

A core part of the IPS is the belief in the Law of Sanctuary. This law is that any individual, even if they arent a member or associate of the IPS, who seeks to peacefully do business on one of the IPS freeports or ships will be assured that they will be safe on our ships or freeports that offer and guarantee sanctuary. No violence will be tolerated in our IPS sanctuaries. We will not allow bounty hunters to attack their targets either. Our freeports will be a neutral ground to conduct any business barring slavery and for people and organizations to parley and negotiate treaties.

Advancement in this organization will be based on merit, hard work and trustworthiness. If you wish to advance beyond the Captain of your own ship and help steer the direction of the IPS then you will need to display those 3 qualities to the council and leadership.


Every Freelancer is free to decide their own fate.

Organizational Rules

1. Each owner is responsible for the actions of their ship and her crew. Each owner can enforce their own laws on board their own ship, respect them.

2. No conflicting contracts or jobs may be accepted by our freelancers.
- In the event of a dispute, you may present your cases to the Captain or Administrator of the nearest capital ship or Freeport respectively. They may make a decision based on any criteria they wish, their decision is final.
- Conflicts may also be settled by a dogfight between the conflicting parties. Only ships of similar sizes and classes may be used, the first pilot to break one of others facing shields wins. If a death occurs during such a fight it will be treated as any other killing within the organization. If you don’t like the risk then take the adjudication of the Officer.

3. Murder within the IPS will not be tolerated. – If you kill another member you have 24 hours to present yourself to the Captain or Administrator of a capital ship or Freeport. You will be given the opportunity to make your case to said Officer and that Officer will pass judgment. If you are found guilty or fail to present yourself then you will be branded a traitor and all other members will be free to engage you at their own discretion.

4. All forms of business are permitted, save for slave trade. – If you are found to be transporting slaves you will be immediately branded a traitor and will be open to attack. The only exception being if you were contracted to free a slave or group of slaves.

5. Bounty hunting is allowed, but not against other members and not onboard IPS communal areas (eg. capital ships or Freeports), these areas are safe harbors for any who are in good standing with the IPS (which by default will be everyone).

Organizational Ranks and Roles

Affiliate – Anyone who the IPS isn’t their main organization

Freelancer – Everyone who is a main member of the IPS and who is invested in their own personal missions. These members are free to do contracts as they see fit.

Senior Freelancer – A member who is an active member of the org and who spends a majority of their time pursuing the orgs growth and goals.

Captain – A member who owns a ship sized Large or Capital and who maintains a min crew and active usage of that ship. No mothballing a ship and having it to maintain the Captain Rank

Council Member – A member who has displayed a dedicated commitment to expanding the influence, power and wealth of the org. This rank will only be given to those who have shown exceptional dedication to the orgs mission and growth. It will be 100% depending on merit, hard work and trustworthiness.

Founder – The founding members of the org who formed and shaped the direction and vision of the IPS from the start till the future.

IPS Contracts

The use of contracts between members and others outside the organization are IN NO WAY MANDATORY but is strongly recommended between members. A contract is going to be the most important item you can use in a dispute with another member. Sample default contracts will be provide for any member to use and can be edited in anyway members wish for their needs.