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Independent Pilots Association / IPA

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration

Do you fly alone or with a small group?

There will be times when you could use some help!

That’s what we’re about.


2944-04-07: This Organization was founded for those who operate alone, or in a small group, who value their independence, and don’t want someone else telling them what, when, where, or how to operate within the Verse, but want the benefits provided by belonging to an Organization.

2944-04-07: IPA became an International Organization with members from Australia, United Kingdom, and United States.

2944-05-14 : IPA Membership has increase to ten members and has became a Medium Sized Organization (by RSI current search criteria)

2944-06-10: We currently have members on three continents Austria, Europe, and North America, and from several time zones stretched across the Planet.

New South Wales, Australia
South Australia, Australia
Western Australia, Australia
Serbia , Belgrade
Minas Gerais, Brazil
Brussels, Belgium
Alberta, Canada
Manitoba, Canada
New Hampshire, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada
Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Czech Republic
Uusimaa, Finland
Côtes-d’Armor, France
Berlin, Germany
Hessen, Germany
Niedersachsen, Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Larisa, Greece
Veszprém, Hungary
Varese, Italy
Utrecht , Netherlands
Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington,New Zealand
Rogaland, Norway
Timis Romania
Antigua and Barbuda , Saint Paul
Gauteng , South Africa
Sweden , Skåne län [SE-12]
Dubayy, United Arab Emirates
Devon, UK
England, UK
Essex, UK
Herefordshire, County of, UK
Isle of Anglesey [Sir Ynys Môn GB-YNM], UK
London, UK
Liverpool, UK
Manchester, UK
New Hampshire, UK
Northamptonshire, UK
North Lincolnshire, UK
Nottinghamshire, UK
Somerset UK
Wrexham, UK
Tatarstan, Respublika Russian Federation
Alabama, US
Alaska, US
Arizona, US
Arkansas, US
California, US
Colorado, US
Connecticut , US
District of Columbia, US
Florida, US
Georgia, US
Illinois, US
Indiana, US
Kentucky, US
Louisiana, US
Maryland , US
Massachusetts, US
Michigan, US
Missouri, US
New Hampshire, US
New York, US
North Carolina ,US
Ohio, US
Oregon, US
Rhode Island, US
South Carolina. US
South Dakota, US
Tennessee, US
Texas, US
Utah, US
Vermont, US
Virginia, US
Washington, US
West Virginia, US
?, United States

(This information was gathered from the current list of members that list their locations in their Citizen Dossier on RSI site)

2945-01-02 : IPA Membership has increase to fifty members and has became a Large Sized Organization (by RSI current search criteria)
2951-02-07 : IPA Membership has Increased to one hundred (100) members.
2952-09-01 : IPA Membership has increased to one hundred fifty (150) members


The goal of IPA is to create an environment where members can help each other, whether it’s to jump in to replace NPC crew, setting up a Fleet to run trade routes, or providing assistance to another member or allies under attack nearby. No one will be expected to drop what they are doing or put themselves in a position where their ship will be destroyed; if you can help it will be appreciated by those you help.

IPA has been structure so that there are no leadership positions; each member is an independent individual who makes their own decision as to what they will do. All Members are equal, with the same Rank, that of Member, All Main Members will also have Roll of Recruiter.

No personal information (real name, age, sex, location or email address) is required to be a member of this organization. We encourage our membership to maintain their anonymity in order to protect their own privacy


All Members agree to abide by and adhere to the following guidelines.

1. No abusive, disruptive and disrespectful behavior or language.

2. Membership in this Organization must be Visible whether this is your Main or Affiliate Organization.

3. No Piracy, Theft, Extortion, Racketeering, etc ( Attacking friendly or neutral parties for the sole purpose of disabling or killing them in order to steal their ships, upgrades, cargo, etc or assisting others to do so).

4. Our smuggling policy is don’t get caught, and absolutely no trafficking of sentient beings (slavery).

IPA is not trying to tell its members or allies what they can or can’t do, but this Association is about Mutual Assistance and Defense and any Member or Allies getting caught by the UEE for Piracy or Smuggling will be labeled as an Enemy of the State (Pirate), anyone trying to help them will also get labeled as an Enemy of the State (Pirate), so who will knowingly or willingly would want to help them.

Piracy is not to be confused with being a Privateer which is legal piracy against Enemies of the State.

Self-defense and State sanctioned Privateers are allowed.

Our smuggling policy is a bit looser due to our belief that as long as you don’t get caught,or shoot back and can get away from the authorities, by either ejecting your cargo and /or out running them you will not get labeled as a pirate.