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Roberts Space Industries

Ironclad Pioneering / IPCO

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  • Exploration
  • Transport

“Sailors belong on ships; ships belong at sea. haze gray and underway is the ONLY way to be”


In The Beginning

Ironclad Pioneering started out as a small group of friends with the idea of exploring the cosmos and simply going wherever there was something to be explored and Credits to be made. The Corp’s motto was and always will be “Sailors Belong On Ships and Ships Belong at Sea. Haze Grey & Underway is the ONLY way to be”. In other words the idea of the corporation was to explore deep pockets of space and be able to sustain itself for long periods of time without the aid of anyone else.

Loyalty and companionship was considered to be the most important component of the organisation along with a robust command structure that would insure the survival of the organisation in the absence of any one of its leaders or Founders. This however was the one requirement that was not met during the formation of IPCO’s initial Admiralty.

Roughly one year after the formation of the organisation, the founder of Ironclad Pioneering went MIA and did not return until recently tp refocus his efforts to build the company. During his absence the remaining leadership decided to found a new organization and invited all of IPCO’s active members to join them in their endeavors. There were no hard feelings or salt of any kind, however Corphius Rehn ultimately decided to see his original idea through while maintaining close ties with his old staff, and friends. With the future in mind IPCO will now restart its efforts to build Earths finest Exploration/Pioneering and transportation Company. Iron Clad Pioneering will be one of the finest organizations in the verse!


Ironclad Pioneering is an Exploration/Pioneering organization that will primarily operate in deep unknown parts of space. For that reason our members must be disciplined, sharp, cunning, bold and most importantly; Patient. Our goal in IPCO is to explore and chart new Jump Points and Star Systems while not letting anyone stop us. Ironclad Pioneering will be self sufficient and resourceful just like Earths early explorers who braved the open ocean against all odds.

“Sailors belong on ships, ships belong at Sea; Haze Gray and Underway is the ONLY way to be”


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