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Iron Horse Industries / IRHOI

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Welcome to Iron Horse Industries! We are a friendly, welcoming and casual organization focused on getting the most fun from Star Citizen as we can, all while sharing a couple of brews doing so.

Come join us over on our Discord server if you would like to know more.


Iron Horse Industries was started in 2946 by Turor Eutobi, Tychus Winter and Archo Aravar as an Industrial organization focused on hauling, mining and security. Over time this vision has grown to encompass all elements of money making in the verse.

If it’s a role in the verse and it’s not MASSIVELY illegal then we do it. We sit as a neutral org but obey the basic laws of the UEE and at Iron Horse every member is the captain of their own ship, we will fill out crew where we need to and essentially help each other out as we journey through the black scraping up credits where we can

Iron Horse Industries is a casual light RP organization focused on almost all areas of the game. We have members from all corners of the globe and we don’t lock members into roles or expect them to complete out of game work to progress. This game is about having unadulterated immersive space fun and that’s the culture we plan to cultivate. This is not a place for the Dudley do-right space soldier nor is it the home of the Murderous pirate type. We sit in the grey area in the middle. UEC is our motivator and our method of acquiring this varies depending on the day.

We are an R18 organization

We don’t abide trolls or griefers


“Banded in the bonds of our code, we stand together to face whatever the blackness of space holds.”

Our Roles:

Contact: Nice to meet you! Come in!
Recruit: I am glad you are an Affiliate for us!
Initiate: Thank you for joining us as your Main! Let’s get to know each other.
Crew: We need you! Welcome aboard one of our flagships!
Pilot: Join one of our squadrons, or bring a small multicrew vessel along for an Op!
Captain: So, you want to run a Large Multi Crew ship do you? Aye aye, sir!


All members of the organization, regardless of rank, are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct governs all interactions between org members and other people, either within the org or outside. This Code of Conduct applies to all members and all means of communication without exception.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action from the Org Leadership appropriate to the player’s rank and the nature of the breach.

  1. -Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of the org, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the org running.
  1. -We all play to have fun. Don’t ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the Org Leadership, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not.
  1. -Be mature. Immature and infantile behavior is not tolerated. This is a group of adults, so make sure you act like it.
  1. -You are part of an organization. We succeed as a group, not as individuals. Self-centered and self-absorbed attitudes are not helpful.
  1. -Not everyone will get on with everyone else. That’s life.
  1. -Not everyone will agree with everyone else. Its a varied org of nationalities and beliefs and conflict will inevitably arise. As adults, members are expected to either try to resolve disagreements with other players civilly, privately and independently. Failing that, try to work around it. Approach a Leader/Ops Leader for assistance if you have exhausted all other options.
  1. -Drama will not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviors which become disruptive are unacceptable.
  1. -Organization rules rules will inevitably change over time. Members are expected to accept and adhere to new rules regardless of their personal opinions. Be mindful that the Org Leadership tries to make decisions that are best for the org as a whole and for the long term, which may not necessarily correspond to the best decision for you personally right now.
  1. -Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the org and org game-play is always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals. All feedback and discussion should respect this Code of Conduct.
  1. -Read Discord and check the forms on Spectrum. Discord is the main way of communicating important org information (as well as a lot of trivial org information). Most importantly, changes to Ops strategies and organization announcements are made there. It is your responsibility to check in as regularly as you can and stay apprised of any important information.
  1. -Do not engage in any activity that will bring the organizations name into disrepute. Behaviors such as spamming, trolling, griefing, begging, flaming, or other anti-social actions are not acceptable.
  1. -Do not use excessive, gratuitous or explicit language. Justifiable mature language and conversation is to be accepted in an org of adults. Politics, religion, and similarly divisive topics are embargoed.
  1. -Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behavior of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the org. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behavior is not acceptable.
  1. Follow the Organization Rules and Code of Conduct at all times.


Additionally, all Iron Horse members who are involved in Organization Ops are expected to adhere to the following rules as an extension of the Code of Conduct.

  • Every participant is expected to do their best. We are not a hardcore organization, but we intend to make the most of our time online together and so have high expectations of our team.
  • We love to chew through content, but not at the cost of fun. Don’t ruin that for others.
  • Ops spots are not guaranteed, and no member is more entitled to fill a slot than any other. Ops are composed using a fair and transparent system, giving preference to filling key roles (depending on ships needed and availability) and more often than not roles will be filled on a “first in, first served” basis.
  • The Ops Leader is the boss. Follow their directions, and allow them to speak uninterrupted in the Ops channel. Ops leaders will designate secondary command roles usually to captains/owners of ships and will also outline early the planning process their preferred etiquette in regards to communication in the operation.
  • Be punctual. Be online before operation invites are issued, and be at the designated landing zone and ready to fly before the operation starts. If you can’t be online on time, make sure you leave a message saying so. Do not keep other participants waiting.
  • Positive criticism is a good thing. Members should feel free to give advice and suggestions to other players to improve their play. Equally, Members should view any positive criticism as an opportunity to improve.
  • Iron Horses operations and its progress come first. Full members are expected to attend as many org operations as possible in the areas they are interested.