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Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1755 — 1826 (UEE – Sol, Earth, District 47- formerly known as France)


If memory serves us right, the Gourmet Academy was created in 1991 AD with the ultimate goal: to find the finest ingredients and challenge chefs from all over the world into epic battles.

These days, the Gourmet Academy searches the confines of the galaxy for the most exotic Banu lobsters or a rogue broccoli planet. We are not aficionados of Big Benny’s. We, the space food elitists, only choose to:

  • cook with the heaviest metals – radioactive, that’s a flavour
  • eat the rarest of animals – the endangered vanduul-fin tuna, or the Popplers of Omicron Persei 8
  • use the most volatile sauces – anti-matter sauce, it’s so spicy your tongue will disintegrate
  • drink the finest ambrosia – it is said that the juice of a Banu wasp’s antennae yields great benefits for keeping one awake, with awful nightmares. Remember to add dry ice so you can pretend to be celebrating, while you sit utterly alone, in the immense desolation of space, in deafening, hallucination inducing silence, with only 4mm of dubious quality sheet metal, made on Mars by underfed, sleep-deprived slave children , the only thing separating you from being explosively discarded in a violent display of iron shrapnel, quantum grade oxydiser and boiling blood; yours. Did you just hear something creak?

Come and join us with your ship, show us your fully equipped kitchen with cast Francium (Element Fr-87) pans. Remember if it’s made in Region 47, it’s probably good for you!

Simply apply to join using the button above and submit your favourite space goop recipe; tell us why it has everything the body needs.

Also join us on the Gourmet Academy Discord server.

Current Org fleet

Check out MISC industries new coffee machine/shield generator below, now standard issue on all Freelancers and selected Mustang Betas! You can now “pour a cup of something hot”, if you’re “about to pass out”, and not have to “forget the drink”, when “NEEDED ON SHIELDS NOW”.

R.I.P. – Jenny – should have used dry ice.


The Gourmet Academy is open to all. Knowledge and experience is expected to be shared. All recruits must be able to make the notoriously volatile Vanduul flower-spike dessert in dark matter sauce.

Fight only if you have to. Gloves are off if pirates take your last vial of black saffron.


  1. We are a lawful /neutral guild. No piracy.
  2. We focus on trade and exploration. Helping other members is encouraged.
  3. All members must display their affiliate membership.
  4. Members are expected to join the discord channel.