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Roberts Space Industries ®

Iron-Force Defense, LLC / IRONFORCE

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Honor, Courage, Discipline


Iron-Force Defense, LLC was founded in 2499 by former members of the UEE Special Forces, upon retiring from their duties their original task was to protect Cargo Ships from Pirates who were operating off the coast of Somalia as they navigated around the Somalian Coast. In the middle of 2499 they were hired by an unknown company to eliminate the growing pirate threat that originated from Somalia.They were sent in on June 8th, 2499, the fight and the pirate’s operations off the coast ended 12 hours later on June 9th. Following the completion of their mission in Somalia, the company was then hired by NASA to protect its Top Secret Testing Facility (commonly referred to as Area 51). Following the invention of the Interstellar Drive in 2501 Iron-Force began providing High-Level security services to a host of Interplanetary Ship Companies. After the mass production of a “Interstellar-travel capable Ship (ITCS)” that began in 2550 along with the rapid expansion of Humans into Space, Iron-Force Defense then turned to the stars to provide protection over the final frontier…. The founder of the organization to this day remains unknown, however rumor has it that he was the “Most Interesting Man in the Milky Way”..


Iron-Force Defense provides High-Level Security Services, Insertion Services, VIP Protection Services, Merchant Security, System Defense, Covert Ops, Classified Document and Personnel recovery. Counter-Terrorism, Luxury Transportation, and Extraction Services.

For Fleet Usage Inquiries, Contact a member of Command Staff


All Iron-Force Defense contractors have been trained to resist interrogation, and evade capture. Iron-Force’s contractors are required to NEVER disclose anything that they see or do, not even to their families..Privacy and anonymity are things we as an organization pride ourselves on, which is why we promise that so long as you choose Iron-Force Defense for all of your affairs, you’ll never run into trouble.