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IronPoint was created after much deliberation and debate. The first problem that the original founders sought to overcome was that they wanted to run an organization that would provide the most amount of fun and in the least stressful way to the bulk of the members. They understood that certain individuals enjoy fun in different ways, and wanted to provide an atmosphere in which both super-dedicated players and casual players could play and utilize their talents to the fullest. This was solved by creating a ranking system that allowed trusted dedicated players to promote and handle as much work as they want, while giving the casual player the opportunity to participate and run missions of their own.

The second problem was that they did not want to make an environment that was stove-piped and stagnant. A fear of theirs was that the organization would become too difficult to manage, and that a few stagnant leaders could cause a total collapse. The solution was twofold: disseminate duties downward to create a flexible and adaptable environment where mid-level leaders have the ability to operate without higher intervention, and the application of ownership principles. What this means is that any member, no matter the rank, that is placed in charge of a mission or operation has total control for that duration. Out in the ‘field’, an Associate can be in charge of a Director, and that Director should not use rank to interrupt or sabotage the player’s mission. All administrative actions are reserved for when players are not actively playing the game.

The last problem was that even they did not want to hyper-focus on self-imposed tasks, and they wanted to be able to enjoy just about every facet the game has to offer. For that matter, they wanted to create an organization that both has purpose and the flexibility to allow its members to pursue other interests. Logistics became the apparent answer as the founders realized that there was a need for logistical support amongst existing large-scale organizations. This provided them with that needed direction and purpose for the organization, while simultaneously opening up a variety of gameplay types for all members to explore.


Our philosophy and intent for IronPoint is to supply the demand of logistical support to any corner of the verse.

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We don’t prescribe to a specific kind of code, but we do follow a certain etiquette when dealing with everyone. We will strive to handle all mannerisms in a professional manner while still maintaining a friendly environment where everyone can have fun and enjoy their time. We understand that this is a game, and will be viewed as such.

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