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Brandr's Privateers / IRTF

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Founded in June of 2021, Brandr’s Privateers is more than just a group of people who play Star Citizen. It is a quality-over-quantity of community focused gamers who want an experience that works best when everyone is mature and on the same page.

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Community first.

You can play Star Citizen by yourself or in the plethora of other orgs out there. But what we offer is a deeper connection to the people you play with. Things like community development and interaction are very much important to us.

Maturity, Integrity, Quality-over-Quantity, and Teamwork.

We expect our members to the standard of maturity and conduct, and for that the experiences our community have benefit quite a bit. Participation and interaction in our community in and out of game is very important to us. We want you to feel a part of the experience even away from your desktop. We aren’t looking to be the biggest Star Citizen org and break records or show up in the arbitrary leaderboards on RSI’s website. Or have a bunch of dead weight in our communication channels. We want members who are here for the long term and willing to earn their places and participate as often as possible.

Esprit-de-corps brought on by camaraderie, evolution, and achievement.

There will be moments in events and sessions that will hopefully make you feel more a part of this community and truly find a home here. This will help to develop and add character to our community.

Tactics, techniques, and procedures, with group comprehension and proficiency of them.

The goal here is to get tactical when it is time. Without structured and maintained drill sessions, tedious training events, or certification requirements to fly a ship or drive a tank. We will share with you the references we have for this tactical gameplay. As well as video TTPs to reference from time to time. Overtime your understanding and proficiency will progress naturally, through intense and enjoyable gameplay.

The opportunity to be led by competent leaders.

We expect a lot out of those players that fill our leadership billets. This shouldn’t be some quest to become a military general for you. Rather a desire to learn how to lead effectively and efficiently. While we strive for a high degree of competency at our leadership billets. We also pride ourselves on how well we can be led. By following orders and how we conduct ourselves in events. You will get your chance to lead if you desire this type of gameplay. But it will only ever be in game and won’t spill to any responsibilities outside of the game. You will find that Privateers will follow you without much hesitation into even the craziest of situations Star Citizen has to offer. We are all here for a good time, and sometimes virtual injury and death can offer phenomenal moments in gaming.

High level of acceptance, low tolerance for bullshit.

While we are mostly an accepting community. We are looking for particular individuals that share our common goal and vision for playing Star Citizen. Be toxic, be a shit head, be anything to be considered undesirable and we will show you the exit. This community and its health is of the highest concern for us. Generally fucktard-ery will not be tolerated, nor will drama of any kind.

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So you want to be a Privateer?

Great! We are trying to build something that will last the test of time. Along with that I want to ensure that the members we have are here for the long haul and not just adding to their flavor of the week. So before you apply ensure you understand what you are applying for.

Here are some things we look for in potential members of Brandr’s:
  • Friendly, respectful, and mature.
  • Good sense of humor.
  • Eager to learn and grow as a player.
  • Teamwork-oriented mindset.
  • Honest and accountable for their actions.
  • Motivated and dedicated to making the group and our experiences the best they can be.
  • In it for the “long haul” – flavor-of-the-week players need not apply.
Requirements for joining Brandr’s
  • Be 21 or older
  • Have a mature attitude
  • Actively participate in our community in and out of game
  • Have Guilded installed
To apply send an email to The subject line should include exactly [Brandr’s Privateers Application] your SC name (age, location). This helps me filter the applications and read them. The body of the email should include answers to the following:
  • Why do you want to join Brandr’s Privateers?
  • Tell me a bit about yourself.

I urge you to take your time with the application. This may be my first impression of you and that will hold a lot on whether or not you will be accepted. I will check these on a weekly basis. Those accepted will be notified via Guilded. So please keep an eye out!

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