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Ishiguro Exploration / ISHIX

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Like the black rocks shot from the volcano or spread across the universe, we go as the winds blow. Explore with honor, courage, and righteousness; be loyal to your past; and meet others with respect, sincerity, and benevolence. Above all, explore yourself and gain wisdom and self-control.


Exploration begins within.

History of Ishiguro

The Ishiguro clan dates back to pre-written-history Japan, appearing in feudal times as one of many samurai clans refining their art form to as fine as a blade’s edge, noted for the handles and guards or “tsuba” of their swords and others. They would eventually come into favor during the Tokugawa period, forming a school as well. They fought through many wars up through World War II where they fought on both sides, Japanese and American, the Japanese side losing all of their sons and resorting to the tradition of mukoyoshi, the husband being adopted into the wife’s family and taking on the wife’s family name, to continue the name and bloodline.

Eventually this line would blur as the Western family line met the Eastern family line and merged to keep family businesses going. One such company, created in the late 21st century, was Ishiguro Engineering, a subcontracting company that helped develop many of the avionics and computers taken for granted today. As the Ishiguro clan took to the stars with the rest of humanity, so did their companies. And as humanity found war, so the Ishiguro clan took on the role, once again, of samurai.

Ishiguro in the Present

What is not well known about such samurai schools as Ishiguro is that while originally only family members, they would sometimes take on others, promising pupils that would rise in rank and eventually take on the family name as well. So even though the business is also “family only”, to rise in the ranks to even the point of CEO or Daimyo, the person need only take on the family name in honor. In a way, that is how Ishiguro Exploration got started, by one man, distantly related to the Ishiguro samurai, taking over a small company in the name of Ishiguro after having served in the UEE Navy.

Having had his fill of the fighting and after an eye opening revelation in Oberon, Mark Falcone applied for and received discharge and retirement from service, heading home for the purpose of picking up his family and heading into space for the long haul. His extended family, however, had bigger things in mind. They used his expertise to bankrupt and buy out a colony engineering firm attached to one of their bigger rivals, giving it to Mark to run. To prove himself worthy, he did a housecleaning of the company, stripping it to the bone and restarting it under Ishiguro Exploration.

On the surface, it is a surveying and exploration company that keeps a percentage of the interests found as payment, just as any of the Ishiguro clan would do. Under that, however, Mark is working on building a private militia for the war he knows is coming. While he does not know what side he will be on or which side will prevail, he does know there is only one way to protect the innocent with honor and integrity the UEE itself has failed to keep.

With the self-sacrificial dedication and honor of a samurai.


Don’t think dishonestly; The Way is in training. Become acquainted with every art. Know the ways of all professions. Distinguish between gain and loss. Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything. Perceive those things which cannot be seen. Pay attention even to trifles. Do nothing which is of no use. – Mayomoto Musashi Japan, c.1630


OOC: If you have not guessed by now, this truly is a family operated organization by a member of the Ishiguro bloodline. It was only recently that we were far enough into the family tree to find the mayorship of a town in southern Japan was no accident of politics. So this organization is based on that knowledge and the future of this bloodline. The rest of this posting will be in-character.

Ishiguro Exploration is dedicated to the survey and exploration of space, known and unknown, for and without contract, for the good of humanity. We will never fail to rise to the defense and assistance of those in need, will do no actions considered immoral or dishonorable, and go into the unknown with the courage of all explorers before us.

Intentional Action and Motivation

No action outside of the mandate of the command of this fleet will be taken without prior authorization. Such actions will be authorized on the basis of, in order of priority, immediate need, profitability, and actionability. As such, it is imperative that all ships in the fleet are kept at ready condition, fully armed and fueled even in dock, for immediate action.

A priority of need is given to those who have lost their home or have been falsely motivated into living in inhumane or inhospitable conditions. A priority of profitability is given to actionable claims. A priority of actionability is given to that which has the ideal amount of fleet assets immediately or near immediately available to the task.


The unwritten Samurai code of conduct, known as Bushido, held that the true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life was also imperative, as it added balance to the warrior character of the Samurai.

OOC Rules and Expectations of Conduct

The only “this is who you really are” rule is pretty simple: This is a family friendly organization; keep it as such. That means watch the language even in local area chat, do not instigate fights with other players, and if you are under the age of 18 we request (do not require) that your family joins you in the organization, including at least one responsible adult. To not follow this rule has only one consequence: Immediate dismissal.

Regulations for all ships and employees of Ishiguro Exploration

All private ships used for Ishiguro Exploration contracts are considered contracted but not bonded; all ship owners are required to keep their own insurance. Expect 10% of profits out of the contract for the use of ship.

All payroll is done at the end of contract, not during, though you may apply for a stipend to continue work for necessities such as fuel, food, and work related repair. Payroll is divided from what remains of the contract profits after taking 10% for the company and 10% for the ship used in the contract; in the case of multiple ships, accounting will take into account each ship’s expenses in dividing up the 10% to each ship. Each employee is paid as follows: 2 portions per captain, 1 portion per regular crew, 3 portions for a pilot of a single person defense fighter if used in active defense.

Company ships will be captained by those of rank 4 (samurai) or above with a second-in-command of rank 3 (gashira) or above as necessary; loss of both commanders requires the ship return to dock immediately.

Priority is given to company employees for any and all crew slots when working a company contract.

No employee or ship may start an engagement; combat is for defense of assets or allies only, never for first strike.

No employee or ship may stand down once a fight has commenced until all innocent assets or bystanders are out of the engagement area.

All employees and ships are required to aid any human ship, station, or planet under attack from a hostile threat, however it is always favorable to find a peaceful solution if possible.

Any employee breaking away from the company without filing the proper paperwork will be considered persona non grata within the company, never to be allowed employment or contract with the company ever again, as someone untrustworthy.

Regulations for all leaders of Ishiguro Exploration

Leadership in the company structure is rank 4 or higher.

All leaders are required to report in once per week unless on leave to report on new contracts and profits in need of payroll.

Ranks 3 or lower not on company time or contract are neither required to report in private contracts nor profits as their work is considered their own; that also means that all contracts they do get are not signed for or endorsed by the company.

All leaders must captain a ship of no fewer than 3 crew minimum; leaders can pilot fighters in emergencies, but their primary duty is to such larger ships and their crew.

No leader can rise above rank 4 without becoming a member of the Ishiguro clan through blood or marriage. (OOC: Sorry, this is a family organization. The good news is that we will not expect anything less out of ourselves than we ask of you, so rank 4 is essentially equivalent to rank 5 in that regard.)

Current Ship Holdings

Exploration: Terrapin, Freelancer DUR, Carrack, Endeavour
Trade: Banu Merchantman
Mining: Prospector
Utility: MPUV Personnel
Personal Assets: Reliant MAKO, Dragonfly

Memorandum: In regards to Vanduul threat and UEE standing.

As a member of Ishiguro Exploration, you are allowed militia rights in case of Vanduul or other outside threat. Any damages incurred in defense of UEE space will be compensated for by the company. You are not required to keep a military vessel nor are military vessels officially owned, contracted by, or contracted for Ishiguro Exploration, however personal military ships used in protection of Ishiguro Exploration assets are still held under the insurance umbrella of Ishiguro Exploration.

Fight well. Fight for your family, your future, and for the good of all. Never surrender.

Chairman Ishiguro