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The Interstellar Nomads / ISNO

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The Interstellar Nomads – We travel the length of the universe, experience adventure, danger and acquire profit in doing so.

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Little is known about the background of the Admiral, and much of what is known is classified to an unusually high level within the UEE protected filing system.

Born in the early 2900’s, had a somewhat harsh upbringing in a settlement on the outskirts of human space, bordering the Vanduul systems.

After a period of time at Forge Echo, on MacArthur, in the Kilian System, The Admiral gained a commission in the UEE Navy in 2935, scoring exceptionally high on aptitude tests with a flair for irregular tactics, navigation and covert activity.

Working his way up the ranks within the Navy, the Admiral was eventually promoted to Captain and given command of the UEES Nomad, a Javelin class destroyer and joined the 6th Battlegroup, 2nd fleet in operations on the Vanduul front.

The Admiral commanded the vessel well and was decorated on numerous occasions, eventually being presented with a coveted UEE environment coat for actions which allowed the success of the entire Battlegroup during a redacted operation sometime around 2946.

During the latter part of his career, the Admirals records become even more vague, with some suggesting he was given command of his own Battlegroup, that the UEES Nomad was seen in drydock being refitted for a number of weeks and then departed on a separate mission entirely from the rest of the fleet.

Some suggest he earned the nickname Murky due to an innate ability to blend into the environment at will, others that he excels best when the outcome is uncertain.

So where does the organisation fit into all this?

The earliest reports of The Interstellar Nomads, dates back to around 2942, briefly outlined in a damaged document lost during a transit accident. The basic ideology of it was self sufficiency, discretion and constant travel to discover, though to discover what exactly, remains unclear.


We are duty bound to continue the journey of mankind’s greatest adventurers, to seek out distant stars and uncover the secrets that remain unknown. After many laborious preparatory tasks we are finally in a position to set off, looking only forward, to experience the greatest known journeys our people have ever dared to even dream of.

We will set foot on virgin planets, discover flora and fauna never before seen. Find ancient relics and uncover the stories behind them, making profit as we go in order to sustain us and our mission we will go forth unrelenting and undeterred only settling as long as needed until we truly find something historically remarkable the likes of which will never be seen again.

Only by pushing ourselves to our very limits and beyond can we ever truly understand what and who we really are.


We must:

  • Listen to our commanders.
  • Endeavour to be the best that we can be.
  • Stick together and work as one, despite what hardships may lie before us.
  • Do as we ought and not as we like, no matter the cost, honour is noble trait.
  • Respect our enemies and appreciate a good fight, even if we are on the loosing side.

We shall not:

  • Trouble others without first having been grieved ourselves (other than in events).
  • Pass up on an opportunity to help our fellow man, unless the risk to ourselves is deemed too grievous.
  • Engage in non-consensual combat with other Nomads.
  • Commit ourselves to criminality and barbarism.
  • Avoid trolling and / or personal insults.