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Roberts Space Industries ®

Industrial Security & Surveillance Force / ISSF

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Transport

In the ISSF we strive to make profit for both us and our employees. We accept full as well as affiliate members and offer 5 distinct branches that our members can join, help and even lead. We offer work in the PMC-like Security, the Trading, the Industrial, the Exploration and the “Dark Sector”.


In the year 2949, the ISSF was created as an attempt to counter the already existing monopolies. This corporation is relatively young when compared to their competitors, but they have already begun to get a foothold over the vast market of the UEE in all aspects, from exploration to security passing through its illicit counterparts. Discord Server Link


In our corporation, we believe that the success of our employees is the success of the organization and we therefore strive to constantly support them through all posible means. Our corporation has 5 distinct branches, we are fine with members being part of multiple of these branches, tough members who focus on a specific branch might find it easier to get promoted due to their specialization. The multiple-branch system is a key part of the corporation as it allows us to support each other as effectively as posible. In order to mantain the org, we request that our members pay a minimal monthly fee (Will be implemented with persistent progression) which will go towards improving the corp and organizing our different branches more effectively. We also believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of a corporation and we therefore provide our members with access to a discord server. Discord Server Link


As we have stated in the manifesto, we believe that the success of our employees is the success of our organization and us such, our policy is simple, try not to hinder our employees and our org. For this reason we request that members don´t kill each other without justification and that they don´t steal from other members, in exchange, we can provide our members with protection and further economical opportunities. To further boost our cooperation, we strongly recommend that our members join the discord server as it is a mandatory step for members looking for promotions and communication. Discord Server Link