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ISWT • Ad Vitam Aeternam / ISWT

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L’accesso è consentito solo ad amici dei membri ISWT. Se non sapete come entrare è perché non potete entrare.



The Foundation

ISWT was founded back in January 2013, and our community has been growing since. As more members join our Organization, we continuously evolve our main mission… which is to create a unified friendly environment, for our members and their friends to immerse themselves into the legend that will be Star Citizen. Most members of ISWT are veteran pilots and huge flight simulator fans. ISWT was in fact born from the ashes of an another (now defunct) organisation that focused on DCS World, but when Star Citizen was announced – all changed.

We believe in Democracy. We do not have a leader, but do have in fact a selected number of individuals that are elected by members of the organisation. Officers can candidate for a position in any branch of the Organization.
At the end of the day, we do strongly believe in meritocracy.

The Future

Today we are proud of what we achieved, and positively look forward to the future. With a capable and ever growing fleet, committed and skilled players… we strongly believe that one single good player, even if he starts with a simple Aurora, with dedication, hard work and team spirit is worth much more than a horde of “slackers” that want to just show off their ships.

We speak English and also Italian. So if you speak any of these 2 languages… you are most definitely welcome to join us.


While Star Citizen Devs keep the dream alive and kicking, ISWT has joined up with other close affiliates to launch a new project: Joint Virtual Forces. A collaboration between different communities that want to help each other reciprocally with the scope of helping improve ones knowledge of the games we play, and experiences.


“Quaerite et invenietis” – (Matthaeus)

“Seek and ye shall find”

Joining is very easy and straightforward, but we do insist on having a small meet and greet session with all applicants before we can welcome them into our organisation. This is not an interview, but just a way of getting to know you better. Also, we do need you to register on our main forums before we can accept your registration.

At the end of the day we are one big family. We are one entity and we call ourselves ISWT – “Ad Vitam Aeternam” (For Eternity)

“Legum omnes servi sumus, ut liberi esse possimus” – (M. T. Cicero)

“We are all servants of the laws in order that we may be free”

ISWT has a number of sub-divisions that focus on the different roles that will be available within Star Citizen once the PU comes online. These range from
  1. Infantry – Focuses quite a lot on improving FPS skills and working in squads.
  2. Civilian – Trading, Salvaging, Racing and Exploration.
  3. Aviation – Single/Multi-crew Ship Specialisation. Dog-fighting and Formation Combat.
  4. Tactical – Diplomacy, Espionage and Strategic Warfare.

Please note that the above are not final, and may change as game development progresses.

“Homo faber est suae quisque fortunae” – (Appius Claudius Caecus)

“Every man is the artifex of his destiny”

Training sessions will be divided into two main streams and we do strongly suggest all members (old and new) partake in such sessions to get comfortable around other members – especially the new ones.

The first stream will concentrate on getting members ready to fly within a formation. When flying within a group, it is always best to have coordinated flight techniques, that can in many situations mean the difference between life and death. Just rushing solo against a whole squadron of enemies is not exactly the most logical action to take now is it?

The second stream will concentrate on getting members ready to work as a team during away missions. This means tactical FPS procedures such as:
  • Following the commands of your squad leader.
  • Thinking ahead in every situation and take the initiative before your foe does.
  • Successfully complete missions with your team.

Since the FPS module is not available as yet, we play other similar games that require a high level of ream work.

“Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas” – (Vergilius)

“Fortunate is he, who is able to know the causes of hid things”

Since Star Citizen is not out as yet, we do have a selection of other titles enjoyed by our community. Visit our website now for more information.


“Legum omnes servi sumus, ut liberi esse possimus” – (M. T. Cicero)

“We are all servants of the laws in order that we may be free”

Access is free, but some criteria are kindly requested:

  • Fairness: towards friends, so do not come in and then come out two days later;
  • Respect: to the people and their work, such as the non – disclosure of information and documents unless explicit authorization;
  • English: at least the writing, because diplomacy is conducted in English, and the game is in English;
  • Italian: like it or not, it is our language and our alphabet consists of 21 letters;
  • Commitment: there will take time, because in order to achieve a high efficiency as a pilot and a member of a group is necessary to study and further deepen. We do not want dead loads;
  • Maturity: the applicants should know that those who enter must have a good capacity for self-criticism and understand that a negative comment on the operational efficiency is always aimed in correction and enhancement;
  • Participation: we primarily talk via forums and TS. The participation and the harmony within the group are built with dialogue.

What we offer:

  • Group: close-knit, compact, always on the same frequencies, correct and fair. Especially friends;
  • Mindset: need discipline and a different view of the ordinary to excel in a clash in the skies and in space. We will open our eyes;
  • Versatility: skills of a certain type can also be applied in several titles in addition to SC, as DCSW or ArmA 3. This is what we do;
  • Fun: always the first goal. The difference is that we as well enjoy a “work done right” and operational efficiency. Studying and preparing an action, that then takes place in an excellent manner, is a great satisfaction for us. Is our way to challenge ourselves, our skills and our preparation.

What we are not:

  • A clan or guild in the strict sense: there are no special obligations but only requests based on education and courtesy;
  • Obsessed militarists: we love the flight and simulation, but you also get the supremacy through other routes, such as trade;
  • Despotics: we are all “pares” (equal), if there is a HQ is just because those who are part of it are known as reputed and reliable;
  • Recruiters: we do not recruit anyone, just ask and then you enter the forum; once there, after a talk, you are a member.