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Roberts Space Industries ®

ITC - Interstellar Trading Corporation / ITCN

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  • Casual
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  • Trading

We are ITC. Get rich. Blast pirates. If Tony Stark were to start a corp in Star Citizen, ITC would be it. Our semi-casual players from around the world are dedicated to maximizing our collective profit to subdue a lawless universe.

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We are ITC!

Get Rich. Blast Pirates.

Aggressive monopolistic industrialists with a vendetta to cull the overgrown pirate population of the galaxy, and liberate those oppressed by teenage milsim overlords everywhere.

Interstellar Trading Corporation is not just a Trading Corporation.

We – dominate our trade lanes.
We – secure entire mining and salvage areas.
We – interdict drugs (to keep them from underage orphans, and return them to undercover authorities).
We – engage in legalized inspections for contraband (plushies, trash, and Blue Loadstone Artimex Helmets).
We – impound those that don’t comply, as well as any illegally parked vessels (if it’s in our way it’s not piracy).
We – bait and kill pirates, griefers, thugs, and milsim overlords.
We – enforce ITC security zones (monopolistic protocols are a great source of content)
We – have so much fun that we forget what time it is.

We lock down entire servers so you can profit.

Pirates fear us.
Griefers avoid us.
Safety in numbers.

We are ITC.

Being fun and casual define our playstyle. A corp where content is king, and baiting pirates our thing. Perhaps the best corp in Star Citizen. Top org since our inception. You won’t find a teenage milsim overlord at our helm. Just gamers like us, looking for gamers like you. No need to leave your current org. We take affiliates!

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Oh, you wanted history…

It started with a father and son in a trade ship, getting ganked by pirates that left them for dead. It turned into one of the richest military industrial juggernauts that now spans across the Empire and beyond.

And then you came along. Lonely, bored, and hoping to do something fun with total strangers. And you read this page and decided to click that “Join us now” button above! And all was well with you.

You got rich. Insanely rich, for hardly any effort. You blasted pirates and thugs, saved space kittens from critical injury, and witnessed the worst piloting you’ve ever seen during the most critical moments in gaming history, only to see you and your new teammates geek out a win so highly improbable that Twitch crashed from the sheer number of unbelievers watching the replay.

You had so much fun with a bunch of people you never met, and never looked back!

Click to Join the ITC Discord now before the teenage milsim overlords drag you back!


You’re a Trading Company, right?

Chief Exports:

Drugs Maze
Fun Times
Triggered Nukes

Chief Imports



Lithobraking is a valid method of stopping a speeding ship.

Prison time is just another opportunity for shenanigans waiting to be exploited.

Content cringe is a highly successful method of recruitment.

The Inigma Piloting Award is a lot like the Darwin Award. Except with Inigma piloting your ship.

It’s not pirating when you are simply impounding illegally parked vehicles.

It’s not drug smuggling when you’re buying drugs to get them off the streets. Reselling them to undercover govt agents that happen to look like drug dealers for the purpose of proper disposal, is just part of the process.

We may not fire first, but we always fire last.

This Is What We Do:

Get Rich. Blast Pirates. Subdue our rival Hurston Dynamics. Be the Dominating Power.

All others are just fighting over the scraps.

Anyone can go pirate, it’s the easy way. But do you have what it takes to go clean? Do you have the guts to grind legit industrial or security work to fund standing up to terror and standing in the gap for the less fortunate?

Are you ready to break UEE “rules” to take down thugs who have whitewashed their crimes? Do you believe prison time is just another opportunity to keep the pirates inside?

Are you ready to see the hunters become the hunted?

Industrialists getting rich, with a mean streak to defend it, are a force to be reckoned with. That is ITC.

We quite literally are the Empire. The UEE is just an annoying pretender to our self rule.

Salt Board:

“Interstellar Trading Corporation? More like ‘Interstellar Trolling Content’” – a rival corp CEO marveling at the the ITC graffiti found in his hangar one random evening.

ITC, you guys are in this game too? dang. well there goes the universe.” – an unrehabilitated pirate from the multiverse.

“Care bears? No, they aren’t care bears. More like wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you don’t tow their line, or accept their boarding parties, or hail their stupid Warlblat mythological creature, they charge you in violation of some made up law, or scratching their paint, or label you a pirate and melt that Retaliator you brought to test against one of their so-called heavily-armed “traders.” – a former Retaliator owner that fired first.

“Hey man, I only wanted the gems. Please give me back my pink cat helmet.” – a critically wounded and looted pirate.

“It’s not piracy, we’re just impounding an illegally parked vessel.” – an ITC Special Operations officer when asked why ITC boarded an unattended but fully crewed AI Hammerhead outside of GrimHex.

“War is good for business.” – Rule of Acquisition Number 34

“Peace is good for business.” – Rule of Acquisition Number 35

“Spais? Yes, we suspect everyone in ITC is a spai. Even my dad.” – Pyroblaster, son of the Director.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in months. Are you guys always like this?” – A new member on his first HALO jump with a falling nuke, testing concepts ‘for science’.

Teenage Milsim Overlord:
you accept everyone into your org? Ha. U gonna get poor players.

All players are quality, no matter where they are from, or how much time they’ve done, or how much time they have to give. :D


About our Gaming Group

We are a semi-casual group of players from around the world in every major gaming time zone who enjoy getting rich via mining, hauling, trading, blasting pirates, halting criminal expansion, bringing order to anarchy, eliminating warlords, saving humanity from hostile xenos, and using our vast wealth to save the less fortunate from those that would bully them – making friends in a vast, lonely, and untamed Universe. ITC is the best corp you will ever join!

From solo missions to large fleet engagements, from casual chat to serious role play, our members engage in all aspects of Star Citizen, exerting our influence for the greater good of our corporate interests, and for all humanity. We welcome you to find your niche with us.

New players and vets welcome! We too are just starting out, learning to break things. Come break things with us!

To join, simply hop into our Discord and ask for your app to be accepted, and let’s go have some fun together!



We aren’t your overlords. Just space cat herders. Guiding you to profits, explosions, content, and content that includes explosions – which are usually the result of inigma’s bad piloting (really, don’t let him fly something you can’t afford to lose – we mean it. If there is a ship that is ever Inigma-proof, keep it, treasure it, it’s probably worth billions at the patent office).

We have a number of roles you can opt into to get pings for missions and ops:

ITC Industries

- Merchant Vessels (Traders, Haulers)
- Miners
- Salvagers

ITC Security

- ITC Navy
- ITC Marines
- ITC Specops

Just come, join us, opt in, make billions, and blow something up.