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Roberts Space Industries ®

I Talk To Machines / ITTM

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Smuggling

Hello and Welcome!

Got yourself a starter ship and are in need of some quick cash? We’re a loose syndicate of freelancing entrepreneurs in smaller ships that have organically formed to help you find that quick transaction for some easy auec.


Formed in 2952 shortly after the day of the Vara and the ninetails and jumptown assults, changes were put in motion forever altering the verse as we knew it for the more dangerous path forward we now face.

Now with piracy on the rise a few of us starter ships banded together to form a loose syndication of members to unite when a show of force or strength in numbers starts becoming a need to get the job at hand done.


P.I.T.Y. – Prove It To Yourself!


Ideals we try to uphold:

  • DONT get high on your own supply!!!!
  • • Leave your religious and political beliefs and rants at the door, there’s other forums for this content, we don’t want to hear it.
  • • First In, First Out. Terminals, Salvage Opportunities, Mining Locations, etc. whoever showed up first lays claim.
  • • If an adversary wishes to negotiate, no harm must come to him until the negotiations are concluded.
  • • Medics performing their duty are off limits and no harm should come to them.
  • • Respect one another. Targeted insults and disrespect for someone’s sex, gender, race, religion, etc, etc. will result in punishment potentially including suspensions or bans. Externally, our default will be to represent the syndicate in a positive and productive manner. Should the need arise to delve into the grey area this decision will be made as an Org and we will proceed from there.
  • • No trade ganking, breaking honorable terms ( pre-arranged 1v1’s, Service Beacons Lures etc ).
  • • Streaming/recording allowed but excellent etiquette will be expected. Ie. Let everyone know you’re streaming, protect internal or sensitive info, etc. Your content is not our problem.
  • • All members are expected to maintain a general level of maturity. No raging/screaming/griefing friendlies/etc.
  • • Inactive members will be demoted back to Thug, if an extended away is planned please let us know if possible to preserve your ranking.