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Ixion Defence Systems / IXDS

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We’re not terrible people, we just play them on the internet.

Official Website at IXDS.ORG


Ixion Defence Systems [IXDS] has been a totally legitimate imaginary internet spaceships business enterprise since 2004.

Originally founded in EVE Online, Ixion Defence Systems is a small group of like minded people that practice their craft across multiple games.

IXDS has always operated as a small group, being capped at a little over 100 members, and operated on the principle of having a team that generally knows their fellow corpmates strengths and works well together.

Ixion has by no means ever been an elite group in any of the games it has chosen but has always tended to be well above average while still being a relaxed environment to enjoy oneself in.


To protect the ‘verse from devastation.
To unite all people within our corporation.
To denounce the evil of truth and love.
To extend our reach in the stars above.
Ixion blasts in at the speed of light.
Surrender now or prepare to fight.


-Two men enter, one man leaves.
-You keep what you kill.
-If it was a fair fight you both screwed up.