Roberts Space Industries

Ixtab Industries, Ltd. / IXTAB

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This organization is a member of the Applied Tactical Gaming community.


Like the Banu we don’t believe in writing history pages.


“Founded in 2942 amongst the [common planetary feature] of Tera, Ixtab Industries leverages three axis of activity as its primary ventures. Multiple avenues of Economic activity in primary commodities such as munitions, fuels, and various materiel are integrated with avant-garde exploration in known and unknown systems; alongside our perennially increasing security services. Throughout all measures and interests of Ixtab industries, strategic initiatives are synergistically leveraged with maximum effort teamwork to attain total vertical success.”

TLDR: You can pay us.


All participants in this community, regardless of their role in it, are required to comply with these rules in order to maintain a place in which we all wish to return.

To participate in our community, an individual must:
a. Be at least 18 years of age.
b. Not have an existing alias within our community.
c. Adhere to the Code of Conduct inscribed here.

General Conduct—when an individual participates or represents our community on any platform, he/she shall not:

a. Direct rhetoric to another member or participant that is demeaning to the said individual; “demeaning” is language that is, but not limited to, language that: i. Are attacks of character. ii. Shows prejudice towards a sexual orientation. iii. Is racist. iv. Is sexist. b. Harass, stalk or intimidate another member or participant. c. Impersonate outside gaming groups or real world organizations. d. Neglect SOPs when participating in a core game. e. Incite, troll, spam or disrupt discussions, discourse or game sessions.

f. Utilize hacks, cheats or bots to gain an unfair advantage. g. Falsely represent our community. h. Re-post, distribute or copy content or material from our community without explicit permission from the creator.

Forum Conduct—when an individual participates on our community forum, he/she shall not:

a. Post material that goes against the General Conduct.
b. Post content that is sexually explicit.
c. Post content that contains real-life gore, mutilation or death.
d. Upload content illegal or copyrighted material.
e. Recruit for outside communities.
f. Post advertisements of products or events that direct members outside of the website without approval.

Teamspeak & Discord Conduct—when an individual participates on our Teamspeak 3 and/or Discord server, he/she shall:

a. Adhere to the General Conduct and Forum Conduct both in verbal communications and in text chat.
b. Not link in channel or to another individual any content that goes against the Forum Conduct.
c. When in a core game channel, adhere to SOPs laid forth in said core game.
d. Set his/her voice activation to push-to-talk, except in certain exceptional circumstances, where permission to use voice activation may be granted by an officer.
e. Move to an appropriate gaming channel when playing games that require significant communication between two individuals in a non-gaming channel.
f. Resolve technical bugs to the best of his/her abilities that may kick, crash or significantly disrupt other members or participants within the server.

Warnings—warnings shall be issued to individuals who fail to adhere to any part of the code of conduct. Warnings will:

a. Only be issued by officers or appropriate delegates.
b. Be issued at a minimum of one warning per rule.
c. Be removed at a rate of 1 per 30 days AFTER a suspension or ban if the member/participant has not attained a new warning during the said period.
d. Have the following community-wide implication for the member/participant in question:- i. After 2 accumulated warnings, 1 week suspension with 1 additional week of forum moderation when appropriate. ii. After 3 accumulated warnings, 2 week suspension with 2 additional weeks of forum moderation when appropriate. iii. After 4 accumulated warnings, a minimum 1 month ban. iv. After 5 accumulated warnings, a minimum 6 month ban.

Serious Violation—when a serious breach of the Code of Conduct is determined, an officer may:
a. Issue an immediate ban to the individual in violation which may include a permanent IP ban.
b. Notify authorities if deemed appropriate.