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Jaguar Industries / JAGUAR

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Hello there citizens!

Welcome to the home of the friendliest and most helpful organisation out there. Please take your time to explore our site and and please don’t hesitate to visit our official website

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We are a group of friendly players who have an actual interest in space travel. We are all in this together and have built a community around Star Citizen. If you are new to the game do not worry, we can offer courses and introductory lessons on aspects of the game.

The history behind this organisation has been since the early days of pre-alpha. We wanted to build a rich and stable economical exploration corporation.

Now we can!


Our Manifesto is as follows:

We are an exploration centred organisation who are equipped with the best crew possible. This is achieved by training our crew with online courses and resources, to build their understanding of ships in our fleet and and planets in our systems. We may also do security missions for other organisations for a price. We are a lawfully good corporation. Protect and serve the citizens at all costs!

Just some of the jobs we carry out:

- Commercial Cargo Escorts
- Security personal upon capital and large vessels
- Explore new solar systems and navigate our own paths
- Carry cargo to and from locations
- Protect High Value Targets (HVT)
- Take out HVT’s
- Assist in planetary invasions and assualts with our fleet.

Plus much much more!

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Work In Progress…