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Javelin Owners Club / JAVELIN

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The most exclusive club in the ‘verse dedicated to serving only the most discerning connoisseur of fine space craft.

You MUST supply evidence of ownership prior to being admitted to the club, we make no exceptions and every application is carefully vetted.



Established entirely to serve the needs of the most gilded and gifted clientèle, the J.O.C. is an exclusive club, which requires evidence of ownership of a Javelin Destroyer to even be considered for membership.

The requirements may be steep, but the kudos for being a member is immeasurable.

Concierge of the Javelin Owners Club.


A small club of owners dedicated to the finest vessel in the ‘verse.


Prospective members must prove ownership of a Javelin, either by linking to a screenshot showing account name, ship etc or by showing me live on a stream.

Screenshots will be vetted against existing members evidence and those available publicly, if we are suspicious we will deny entry and request another image.

Please remember whilst this requirement may seem onerous, it helps maintain the integrity of the club to only Javelin owners, not merely fans of the ship.