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Salvaging and scavenging is in our DNA, when others see junk we see credit symbols.
We will search far and wide looking for what we can salvage out in the black. Scavenge and scrap with any ship, salvaging all we can. Don’t leave your ship open… There are JAWA about…


Not everyone is a salvager and scavenger, you are born with the drive to salvage and it’s in your DNA. We are the ones that see the credits in every wreck. Seeing the value in the things most will just pass by as just a pile of junk. And that is fine, the fewer we have to compete with the better! But we also know good stuff when we see it! We are not too worried about maybe making a Class A quantum drive vanish out of your unsecure ship… There are a lot of grey areas in salvage and when you think you are just stepping away from your ship for a moment. But you see it really depends on how you perceive the situation, and we see you abandoning your ship. And abandoned ships will be scavenged and salvaged in accordance with our code. You should have closed the ramp and locked the doors and been more careful, there are JAWA about…!
We provide a much-needed service to the Verse, clearing travel lanes and landing areas of debris and abandoned ships to maintain safe space travel for all the citizens of the Verse.
And when you need a component, we will have the parts you need when you need them! And at a very reasonable price. Much cheaper than the price you will pay at Platinum Bay, Omega Pro or Dumpers Depot. In fact, more than likely the used components you bought at Dumpers Depot was sold to them by us! So do yourself a favor avoid the middlemen and only buy from JAWA direct. The part we have for sale is100% severable! It was working fine when we got it out of someone else’s ship… And yeah, it maybe dirty but cleaning costs extra. And people’s morals tend to be much more flexible when they are getting a really good deal.
But when you are in a jam, we will tow your ship or recover your cargo and transport your load if your ship is damaged beyond repair so you can prevent a total loss of your assets. We factor in our salvaging of your ships wreck and pass these savings on to you when you need it most.


The LAW OF SALVAGE is a principle of maritime law and the Outer Space Treaty whereby any person who helps recover another person’s ship or cargo in peril in space is entitled to a reward commensurate with the value of the property saved.
Maritime/Space Law is inherently international and intergalactic, and though salvage laws vary from UEE, unclaimed and Alien controlled space, generally there are established conditions to be met to allow a claim of salvage. (1) The vessel must be in peril, either immediate of forthcoming; the “salvor” must be acting voluntarily and under no pre-existing contract; and the salvor must be successful in their efforts, though payment for partial success may be granted if the environment is protected.
With its origins in antiquity, the basis of salvage is that a person helping another as sea or in space is putting himself and his vessel at risk and should be appropriately rewarded. A related consideration was to prevent piracy, since any vessel in peril might well be abandoned to pirates in the owner did not reward an honest salvor. Salvage law has been established for centuries is such documents as the edicts of Rhodes and the Roma Sigest of Justinian. In the history of Earth of old. It is still a nearly universally recognized right, though conditions for awards of salvage vary from system to system.
Throughout time it is understood that there are “grey areas” with interpretation of salvage laws, and they are like the shadows. You can watch and move and not be seen in the grey areas of the law. Ships found unsecure or open are or can be interpreted as “abandoned vessels” and therefore subject to being stripped of all its cargo and components when able. If said vessel can be moved to a safer location for “salvage” so, be it… We found it, it was unsecure, and it is then ours. Either piece by piece or as a whole it is ours. “Abandoned” vessels are a hazard to navigation, safety and are a target for piracy and a potential environmental threat. Our actions in Aquisition of the “abandoned” vessel and its contents is in our eyes a benevolent act, we are saving lives, stopping piracy before it can start and doing our part to help protect the environment… A vessel stripped of its potentially ‘dangerous” cargo with all its components, weapons, parts removed is a carcass laid bare and is no longer a threat to anyone or anything. It now a haven and nesting and growth bed for flora and fauna. We have done our part, but if contacted by the original owners of the vessel, or insurance company that have decided they want their vessel and cargo back we will gladly return to them their cargo, components, vessel after we receive our fair salvage fee.
Our intent is to NEVER become a significant threat to any organization. But provide a Salvage Services and selling components, parts, equipment and recovered cargo of all types at very reasonable prices. In as we found it but very functional condition. (Cleaning and modifications are extra cost)


The LAW of SALVAGE is a principle of maritime and space law whereby any person who helps recover another person’s/alien’s ship or cargo in peril is entitled to a reward commensurate with the value of the property saved.
We will adhere to these rules when in rescue and recovery operations of crewed vessels in peril. If it is not crewed and deemed by us as “abandoned” we will recover the vessel and cargo intact or strip it clean leaving only trash behind.
Our motto: “If we find it, it is ours”!
Wrecks, derelicts, abandoned stations, sites and outposts, vessels, vehicles and containers left open, unsecure, no crew present it is now “abandoned” and we claim the ship, the vehicle, it’s cargo and its components as ours!
Our actions will clear space lanes of potential threats to navigation cause by derelicts and abandoned vessels adrift in travel lanes. Prevent potential environmental damage or disaster caused by hazardous cargo leakage, ship components and other environmental impact caused by the wreck or wreckage to a planet, moon or space.
And to this we are doing no wrong.
Everything is subject to being salvaged, scavenged and or recovered. Anything not held down or under watch is abandoned! We are preventing theft and piracy by salvaging and securing any and all “abandoned” ships, items, wrecks, cargo, flotsam and jetsam. We are providing a public service and promoting intergalactic travel safety with our “highly motivated” salvage operations.
If we find it, we claim it, and it is ours!
But for the right price we can and will sell it back to original owners (cleaning costs extra) insurance companies or sell what we find to a new home no questions asked and with no warranties!
ALL SALES ARE CASH ONLY! All Sales are Final!
But we do have a wonderful “Salvage Yard Credit Plan” where if you are not fully satisfied your purchase can exchange it for anything we have in stock of equal or lesser value. (Minus a 10% restocking fee) **
Junk Acquisition Wreckage Assessors has entry level positions available (no salvage experience required) You can earn as you learn! Learning a valuable skill and trade, salvage! How Great is That!
(JAWA is in No way Responsible for you getting killed because you are stupid! Salvage is dangerous work and maybe you should of not have tried to cut your way into a fuel tank with a laser cutter)
JAWA does provide “Medical Coverage” and does have a medical care agreement with GRIM HEX Clinic to be seen by their finest disgraced “Providers” as long as we can find “most of you” to be potentially Regenerated that is… And you have the ability to pay for so called “medical care” if a new member. (JAWA) does offer a “medical” payment plan. By depositing 5% of your salvage to JAWA we will make sure you are “Taken Care of”, and that you may/will receive some sort of “Medical care”. *(If not our Senior Medic: Steev the Banu, does make an amazing stew) *
We are excited you want to become a JAWA now shut up and get in the Reclaimer…