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Jews in Space / JEWS

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Resources

With exploration comes discovery, with discovery comes wealth and power, and with wealth and power comes…


Our clan was initially founded to foster a healthy gaming community for the Jewish people, focusing mainly on competitive gaming. The clan was initially centered on several competitive games including ‘DotA: Allstars,’ and ‘Counter-strike 1.6.’ Eventually the clan focused its efforts on ‘DotA’ and subsequently ‘Heroes of Newerth’ upon its release.

The clan during this period was named ‘Hebrews of Newerth’ under the clan tag [JEWS]. The clan would go on to compete in varying spectrums of the competitive scene, including from low tier tournaments to broadcasted matches. Despite the strain of competitive play, the [JEWS] community has always achieved a lasting friendship amongst its members. After years of existence, the clan has become a varied but unified community of gamers.

Many members of [JEWS] were active on and off in the game Freelancer, on the Discovery 24/7 server. It was a fun alternative to the otherwise stressful environment of high tier Heroes of Newerth play, and provided a platform for memorable roleplaying experiences. Time and time again, years past the death of the official servers our members returned to freelancer.

Currently members of clan [JEWS] play competitively within the games ‘DotA 2’ and ‘World of Tanks’ – and seek to soon reach new horizons, in space, under the name ‘Jews in Space.’ within the upcoming game Star Citizen.



Jews in Space (formerly ‘Hebrews of Newerth’) was initially formed with the intention of introducing the Jewish community to the competitive scene of online gaming. Since then it has become a melting pot of people and their wonderful cultures. Since our beginning, we have always had our mind set on producing a friendly, but competitive community, and this still rings true today as it had then, with many competitive team battles and hours of practice exercises.

Our members have found that the strong medium of team work and fun has abated the preconceptions or stereotypes of the Jewish people. With strong teamwork and hard work, we have strove to create understanding and trust amongst each of our own members while promoting excellent sportsmanship and attitude.

If you’re interested in joining our community, or are just looking for a clan with a strong competitive nature, what are you waiting for? The endless ocean of space lies waiting, bring your gear and put your best foot forward. Shalom, and welcome aboard!