Roberts Space Industries

Joker INC / JINC

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Trading

Freight Hauling and Storage
Fuel Tanker Support and Supply
Mining Extractions and Processing
Salvage and Recovery
Advanced Scouting and Exploration

We are no Joke, but we get “The Last Laugh”

“Good Business is Our Business”

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Joker INC is a small group of gamers who have been together for a long time. We typically prefer to play with others like ourselves who are looking for the smaller group atmosphere and is willing to play with the same people we do. We play many other games and we expect you to enjoy yourself.

Most of us have an investment into Star Citizen and anticipate it to be very consuming over the long haul. We want the big space sandbox and have many fans of Wing Commander, Star Lancer and Freelancer. We hope over time to find other players that are looking for this idea in gaming and join us. We would rather have one person who mixes with us and enjoys our company than a handful of warm bodies to fill a roster.

We require you to be on our Discord Server. If you don’t communicate with us then we don’t know you and we will not accept you as part of our group. We will give anyone an opportunity to play with us, but that depends on the individual.

If you find us interesting come in and introduce yourself. We are primairly a US based group with players in all continental US time zones.


What is Joker INC:
Joker INC is short for Joker Incorporated. A support and logistics company that provides multiple services in the freight, mining and reclamation industries.

Our Goal:
To be a profitable, reliable, and a self sustaining associating with a number of organization who practice honesty and integrity while participating in business ventures.

Expansion or Job opportunities:
We seek qualified personal who specialize in specific trades or personal who are flexible with their work load and have similar goals and business ethics like ours. Everyone in Joker INC does their job for the benefit of the job.

Our resolve:
We take care of our own we we get the job done.

Our Motto:
Good Business is our Business! and We always get the last Laugh.

“Our Rules”
We are who we are. We say what we say. If your mature enough to play with us then the rules of the group speak for themselves. We have left them unwritten.


Joker INC is a collective of Entrepreneurs who have Incorporated under a common banner to be profitable and self-sustainable. Composed of pilots whom previously served in the UEE Navy or Civil Service, Joker INC allows each member to function as their own boss while working for the overall goal of the company. Founded primarily as a logistics and support company, we welcome specialists of trades or opportunists who fit our mold. We value good business and remain on the good side of the law.