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Joint Space Observation Corporation / JSO

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Welcome to the Joint Space Observation Corporation. We are a small Org with a main focus on deep space exploration, mining, and logistics. If you’re looking for a tight-knit and driven environment, you’ve come to the right place. So come discover the unknown with us. Thanks for looking at JSO Corp.


2947. A time where piracy is at its highest in at least a hundred years, and crime only continues to increase. The United Empire of Earth (UEE) is post haste, trying their best to eradicate these problems, while also faced with war between them and the Vanduul, whose aim is to destroy all of humanity once and for all.

With exploration being a large attraction to people purchasing their own private vessels, sales have skyrocketed for ship manufacturing companies. Two such people who have purchased with the intent on exploration are Ninja and Nar. Two very close individuals with a passion for the stars and everything in between. After years of working in organizations that eventually broke apart, they started their own, giving it life after their previous one had died. The new organization would henceforth be called the Joint Space Observation Corporation (JSOC).

Born from a military family, Chip’s father was a pilot in the UEE who left to pursue a career as a peace officer. He ended up leaving to start his own bounty hunting service. Chip became a bounty hunter as his father was and when his father retired, he took over assets of the company. What had then become Echo Security Solutions had been approached to join JSOC and soon the company was absorbed as the main security operations for the corp.

A former medical officer of Squadron 42, Jaad had fought his way out, trying to warn others of how incredibly unbalanced the military system was, and was therein dishonourably discharged. With money low and hopes near extinction, he sought out the life of piracy. However, on one occasion, he picked on the wrong people and was caught in the act. When asked why he did it, his answer had given Ninja and Nar a reason to offer a job for him at JSOC. After accepting, he was then placed as the director for the Red Hands Medical Division.

The Joint Space Observation Corporation has seen a large amount of stories pass through its ranks and continues to grow traction as people search for something greater than themselves in this ever changing universe that we live in. With hard working people committed to the exploration of space, this corporation strives to make every single member a valuable asset and give the opportunity to be in something life changing.

We’re not just a corp, we’re a family.

JSOCorp Discord

The Management


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. In the interim, feel free to drop in the Discord for any questions.

The Management


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.