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Hauling Your Cargo Across The Universe Since 2063


In 2063 JUMACORP was founded by two long time friends at the ages of 90 and 91. Their friendship had started in the previous millennium and had lasted ever since. In 2047 they had had genetic treatment for a longer life in good health and obvious prosperity. With a life expectancy of over 120 they had gotten a new sense of achievement.

Although it had been promised for a long time, the singularity hadn’t come yet. Computers had become a lot stronger since the start of the century. AI and quantum computing were definitely getting better every generation. But the real singularity: uploading a human brain into a computer had not been achieved. This to the dismay of our two entrepreneurs who had the long standing wish to live forever.

So, with their new lease of life, they decided to try and change that. For over 15 years they networked with heads of industry and studied existing technologies. They hired freelancers every now and then to see if a prove of concept would work and slowly but surely the pieces of the puzzle were solved. When finally in 2063 the Brain Machine saw the light of day. With this machine it was possible to create an AI based on the thought processes of a human brain. Basically duplicating a person into a computer environment. JUMACORP was founded upon this product. The two founders were the first humans to reach the singularity and with that reaching possible immortality.
2063 was a great year for science. In that same year scientists assigned to a remote space station in the Venandru Nebulae, discovered the technology for a gravimetric field displacement manifold. An application of space flight that allowed for long range trading routes. The JUMACORP deep science applications division picked this up and started operations in this area throwing huge amounts of venture capital into this new corporate branch. JUMACORP soon became the prevalent transportation company throughout the solar system and beyond.

JUMACORP flourished for decades and decades. Family members and close friends were incorporated into the company and the process of uploading someone’s thoughts into a computer were getting better and better. It even became possible to incrementally update an AI with the new life experiences the living person would have after an upload. In 2123 the inevitable happened: At an age of 151 one of the JUMACORP founders died of old age. His mind, however, lived on inside a heavily secured facility. The protocols for updating the AI were disabled by a destructive algorithm disabling the possibility for this AI to be ever updated again, joining only a few other true Facsimile AI’s, where others had chosen to be updated by younger family members. With his corporal death a new fight for freedom had begun. And with the help of his old friend Facsimile AI’s were given a legal Citizen status in 2129. Three days after the final trial at the UN tribunal the other founder died at an age of 156 immediately receiving Citizenship after engaging the destructive algorithm prohibiting his AI from ever being updated again.

JUMACORP therefore had never lost its founders and CEO’s. The company lived on but kept a low profile after that. Solely depending on the funding of the few true rich choosing for an AI upload. Still the process proved to remain expensive and only available to the few richest people of the Earth. Those few were very willing to invest into the promise of immortality, giving JUMACORP a healthy amount of capital income. This capital allowed the corporation to grow bigger and bigger.

Once spaceflight became a true reality, JUMACORP used its capital to invest in specialized ships and a small fleet was gathered among the JUMACORP founders and their close friends and relatives. They commonly fly the trade routes as a fleet wise operation. Currently it is unknown where the supposedly heavily fortified AI’s are housed. Recent rumors are that the recently acquired Banu-Merchantman-Class: The AJAX has some specialized outfitting for cryogenic compartments. Who knows what the JUMACORP deep science applications division has come up with now…


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.