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The Junkers / JUNKERS

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Welcome to The Junkers, a band of space game fans from the website Space Game Junkie. We’re a casual bunch who value fun above all else, but do what we can to help the game’s economy, as well as the economy of those needing jobs done. ;)


The Junkers came together the umbrella of camaraderie, a group of pilots who enjoyed each other’s company so much they decided to band together to not only help each other out, but to help out others to make a bit of extra coin. The Junkers are comprised of entrepreneurs, freelancers, privateers and others, and the differences in our histories give us the cumulative knowledge and experience to get your job done cleanly, efficiently and quickly. Whether it’s escorting cargo or exploring a new sector, there’s almost no job we can’t handle, and your confidentiality is one of our biggest concerns. So when you want a job done quickly, correctly, honestly (for the most part) and efficiently, call on The Junkers for your piloting needs.


Our motives are to, above all, have a fun time in the universe, help other pilots, and make plenty of coin. ;)


The Junkers shall, above all, have fun. They shall abide by the rules set forth by the individual contract by which they’re employed, and do their best do honor their contract to the letter. If a member finds themselves in a spot of trouble, other members should do everything they can do assist.