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LazerFodder / KASUALS

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We are an EXCLUSIVE / CASUALS section of the Gymnitai Organization.

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We are a branch of the Gymnitai “Special Projects Advanced Multitasking Squads” for Hire” (SPAMS) Organization.

History: The Gymnitai were an elite section of the early Earth Greek militia who went into battle with no armor and only the basic weapons required to complete their task. They were shock troops, advanced scouts, and other specialized units who could move fast and complete their assigned mission with the least amount of armor, gear, or equipment than any others in the entire Greek Empire.
We proudly carry their name into any situation we are hired out to do. We do more with less and accomplish more asleep than others do awake all day. We are the Gymnitai!

LazeFodder is the Casuals Branch of the Gymnitai Organization.
Gymnitai was originally started as a Ex-military Mercenary group. The organization developed into a more modern era Freelancer base organization which uses primary military structure and training to accomplish its varied goals and tasks. While allowing independent decision making abilities to its members.

Using a small units organizational command structure and a “No Member Left Behind” attitude, the Gymnitai has proven itself in many a theater of operations to include Transport, Escort, Smuggling “umm Transport”, Bounty Hunting, Mining, and Exploration, to name a few of our many mission specific task.
There is a reason why we have the word, “Multitasking”, in our name.

Website is Here

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We plan to allow our members to participate in as much of the many aspects of the game as is possible as an organized group as well as in an individual player manner, with understood conditions.

We do not intend to become a large Zerg group while maintaining sufficient numbers to allow good member interaction and gaming for all.

Our Primary Game Launch Objectives.
All of these objectives are inter-related and not are expected to proceed as a step by step process.

A) Wealth building for individual prosperity and independence.
B) Collective flow of gathered information, data,and assistance between members.
C) Ability to adapt and expand with the game environment.

How we plan to do this:

1) Insure our members are self sufficient and able to build personal wealth so that they can afford anything they may need or desire. The following Objectives are some of the basic steps we plan to initiate in order to accomplish this.

2) To build team unity and insure our members have the ability to play as they see fit for them personally, while maintaining a cohesive and operational Organization.

3) To first acquire all inner systems information and data, then expand out to the further reaches of space.

4) To play as many aspects of the game as is possible as it develops and expands over time.

5) To develop a group of mature and reliable individuals to game with over the duration and life of the game. These objectives and concepts will of course develop and expand as does the game over time.

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1) All members are to hold a commitment to each other as a fellowship, “trust and word bond are paramount”.

2) Members are expected to put in a personal effort to excel. “We have no micromanagement nannies here”.

3) The Organization as a whole; is expected to provide the training and knowledge required to each member so that they can be a productive and interactive team member. “The member must put in the effort to acquire said items”.

4) As a Gymnitai member; you vow to honor all contracts accepted and to hold a dedication to complete any mission, objective, or contract agreed upon.

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