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Roberts Space Industries ®

Killa and Crew salvage and repair / KCSR

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We are here to repair, recover, salvage, dismantle and scrap. Our goals are simple, if you need repairs, we repair you. If you bring us a broken and or damaged ship that is too much of a hassle to repair, we will scrap it. So come to us with whatever repair or scrapping you need. -Killa, Founder/CEO


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Our intentions are simple, repair what we need, salvage and recover what we can and scrap what is left.

Our organization is a laid back group just doing what they like to do, so feel free to stop by and enjoy some time with us and if you want to learn the art of repairing or salvaging we will be happy to teach you.


Our rules here are simple:

1. Stay hydrated

2. Enjoy your time