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Kobol Defense Force / KDF

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Yet if my line should die,
It dies with its teeth in the enemy’s throat,
It dies with its name on the enemy’s tongue.
For just as mere life is not victory,
Mere death is not defeat;
And in the next world I shall kill the foe a thousand times,


The Kobol Defense Force as we know it was formed in 2005 by Rynar Kor after he took command of a small clan in Star Trek Bridge Commander.
KDF then went to Eve Online in 2008 where we got our current name.
When Star Citizen goes active we plan to expand into this universe and where our path may lead us.


We are a warrior caste of explorers. We operate on a code of conduct that all members are to remain honorable especially in the face of the enemy. In battle there is nothing more honorable than victory. We are a brotherhood, not just gamers. We help each other achieve greatness and have each other’s backs at all times. We are the Kobol Defense Force. We are committed to each other, our organization, and the games that we play and we bare faithful allegiance to the same.
It is the goal of the Kobol Defense Force to establish a strong united fleet under one flag. To explore where no man has gone before. And to be victorious in the face of overwhelming odds. We will achieve these goals through unity and an iron fist on the battlefield. We are ONE.
Just as there is no dishonor in losing a war to save an empire, there is no honor in destroying an empire to win a war. We have made friends of enemies and enemies of friends. We will be no better friend and no worse enemy. If you see us on the field of battle know that we will show no mercy.


High Council Charter

(1) The minimum number of High Council Members is 3 with a maximum of 13.
One Seat and one Handle – or you are banished from the council and not to return for a period of 1 year. If this rule is broken you will be publically humiliated before the Empire. Honor is everything.

(2) All votes are recorded on the forum where minutes will be recorded. A majority Vote will carry or fold a motion.

(3) All members of the council are required to vote on issues pertaining to the Empire. Votes are to be cast as yes, no or abstain. If a deadlock results – the Chancellor has final vote to decide. A majority vote carries the Issue.

(4) A Pool of Proxies shall be named for members of the High Council to draw upon in the case of extended leaves

(5) Any Issue that requires a vote shall be placed on the High council’s table for a discussion period not to exceed 5 days. During this time each and every member of the High council shall have a chance to express their opinions on the Issue. After each and every member has had their chance to express their beliefs the Issue shall be voted on.

(6) Each council member has 3 days to get his or her vote in. If a council member misses 3 votes then they are to be dismissed and a replacement found. The offending member will be asked to issue a reason and then the council will decide on their fate.

(6) The Council is to be informed about the movement of the military and the Empire when it can so that decisions can be made with accurate information.

(7) All members of the council are equal in power – the Chancellor being the exception. The Chancellor has the right to decide on civil matters like extradition or demands to hand over one of our citizens for some form of discipline to another Clan or House in the Empire.

(8) Once a vote is carried the Chancellor is to convey this to the party involved – if outside the council and sign treaties or invalidate them where necessary. Attend meetings with other Clans and report back to the council briefly what has happened.

(9) When Marshal law is called by the council as in times of war. The Chancellor will have the final say with the military as a full council sitting may not be possible. But the Chancellor has the right to consult the council or any member of the council at any time. Any Council member has the right to question the Chancellor on his decisions for the good of the Empire as long as it doesn’t slow down the war.

(10) In times of Peace. The Chancellor has final say over the people. It is his job to ensure that the council hears the voice of the people and the military. Other members have the right to attend meetings but cannot make decisions for the Empire without council approval.

(11) When a seat becomes vacant on the High Council, a current member can nominate a new person and the council then votes OR someone wishing to take the seat can petition the council with their history and why they should be on the council. The remaining members will then vote on who is worthy to sit in the seat.

(12) All members of the Council should be approachable to the people of the empire.
Selection of the Chancellor must be done by the High Council and should be a member of the High Council who has shown leadership, wisdom, and courage. Their history will be evaluated and voted upon. During times of uncertainty the Former Chancellor may choose an Arbiter of Succession or act as one. Times where the Arbiter is used the Arbiter’s decision will be final. Times where the Arbiter is needed include times where the council is at odds about the turnover and could plunge the Empire into Civil War.