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Roberts Space Industries ®

Orthodox Business Partners / KEBS

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Organizacja dla ludzi lubiących dreszczyk emocji oraz naginanie zasad. Nie boimy się łamać prawa i konsekwencji, które za tym Idą.


Na początku Było ich trzech a zaraz po tym wzmocniła ich rzesza najlepszych w kosmosie.


Our democracy
‘‘Orthodox Business Partners’‘ membership is about much more than just deals and rewards. Your membership is a share in the business. This means you can have a say in how it’s run, deciding on everything.
Your membership means you can:

– vote on key business issues – elect members like you to represent you on our Members’ Council – join other members doing great things in local communities – stand for election yourself to become a Council Member or a Member Nominated Director on the Board.


Who’s asking?