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Kilian Heavy Industry Intergalactic / KHII

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Welcome to Killian Heavy Industry Intergalactic. I am Vincent Kilian the founder of KHII and it would be my pleasure to tell you all about Killian Heavy Industry Intergalactic head over to our [Discord]


Born into a somewhat prominent family under the nose of the UEE Naval Headquarters on MacArthur, Vincent Kilian was exposed to the inner workings of the planet thanks to his parents. His mother, a local politician, made her name by founding several new market centers. His father, a prominent military advisor, was regularly called to Corin to oversee various wargame exercises of the UEE Marines. Not finding either of these paths particularly appealing, Vincent began his business venture with a few credits and a dream. He was determined to build himself the life that he envisioned. His vision of the future was too grand to fit in one single star system, or one galaxy for that matter. From quite a young age, Vincent had his eyes firmly fixed on the stars, dreaming of what lies beyond the limits of the known galaxy.

Beginning at a small ship repair shop, he found himself quickly rising through the ranks. Shrewd sense and several years of saving allowed him to purchase the shop at the age of 25. After a few years of running this shop, Vincent was in prime position to begin his expansion. Purchasing the adjacent two properties, he expanded his original shop and its bays to house larger ships. The facilities were also outfitted with the necessary equipment and requirements to repair and maintain the Naval and Marine vessels crawling about the system. After the UEE Navy and Marines inspected and approved the shop, the contracts came rolling in, though it took a bit of doing on Vincent’s part. He was able to secure a loan for the shipyards he had planned, though it came from some less-than-reputable sources. The Kilian Heavy-MacArthur Docks (KH-MD) would soon come to dwarf the surrounding facilities. The streets of MacArthur were where Vincent came across a man simply called Dust, who quickly became Vincent’s right hand. Able to navigate the intricacies of local politics on the planet, Dust served a go-between for Vincent in his newly acquired orbital dockyard and the planet side suppliers. After only a few months of this, Dust had been promoted to CFO and established a reputation as a skilled negotiator able to appease the UEE as well as the seedier suppliers on the streets of MacArthur. Through his dealings, Dust secured the materials and connections needed to begin the expansion of the orbital dockyard above the planet. The orbital dockyards that KHII moved into, the refitted KH-DM, began repairs, refitting, overhauls, and general maintenance on the many Idris already in service with the UEE Navy. During this time, Kilian began ironing out plans to expand the dockyard into something capable of handling the capital ship he dreamed of constructing. With Dust sourcing materials and contacts within the UEE, as well as the reputation of KHII and Vincent Kilian specifically, KH-MD grew to accommodate and maintain the Bengal fleet carriers being constructed nearby by Roberts Space Industries. Still, KH-MD was unable to accommodate the ship of Kilian’s vision of the ship that would put KHII on the galactic radar. After several failed efforts to garner the business he was after and running afoul of a lender or two, Kilian, determined and under constant pressure from unsavory bankers, began the process of purchasing all the neighboring property he could, and developing it all into one of his dreams, what he dubbed a “CapSAP” or Capital Ship Assembly Port. After the construction of the CapSAP adjoining KH-DM, the UEE, after considering the thus-far exemplary service records of the smaller vessels and several inspections of the facilities, awarded the contract to KHII. Satisfying the impatient and unsavory lenders, KHII was now able to operate freely. Bengal maintenance and repair began shortly after the CapSAP came online, propelling KHII ever closer the dream of designing a capital ship. The development of the first KHII Original vessel began shortly thereafter. The process was an arduous one. KH-DM needed dozens of upgrades and a massive amount of space to even attempt the construction of such a massive ship. Named the Retribution this ship would dwarf anything that came near it. The development of the vessel and the allocation of the vast amounts of raw materials needed was a harrowing feat, accomplished by the network of supply lines Dust had managed to set up over the years. The design was a back-and-forth between the now CFO Dust, and CEO Vincent Kilian, the former having a mind for the more practical applications of the latter’s grandiose vision. The final touches being put on the Retribution, the name of KHII and Vincent Kilian was cemented in UEE history as the go to for massive ship construction endeavors. Currently, Kilian Heavy Industries Intergalactic has divisions specializing in exploration, mining and refining, research and development, and manufacturing. The vision that Vincent has is a self-sustaining company, able to do everything from mining the metals for hulls to installing sinks in the galleys. KHII is set to reach out to the edge of the galaxy, and beyond.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Career opportunities
Here at KHII we have many opportunities for you to earn a name for yourself and earn your way up to being a board member our current divisions include, Exploration, Logistics, Mining and Salvage, Research and Development, Security, Building, and finally Medical if any of these fields interest you feel free to apply and specify which division you would like to work for.

By posting on the forums carrying the KHII banner, you show our presence and give us the opportunity to generate new contacts and leads for business opportunities.

Human resources
By referring new employees to KHII you enhance our capabilities and influence in the universe.

Once your hangar doors open, you will be able to participate in missions or group operations with other employees in your division. You should be able to answer or issue requests in the KHII network yourself and other members of KHII can participate and help you out.

If you would like to explore the realm of negotiation and diplomacy, KHII can offer you unique career opportunities.
Contact Capt_Cope on our Discord server, to get more information.