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Kismet, Ring of Destiny is one of the longest running gaming teams. Together for 14+ years with over 800 members across the years.

We invite you to share in our Laughter, Fun & Teamwork in Star Citizen. Join today!


We have a long and rich history of laughter, fun & amazing teamwork,

Our time in Lineage:

Kismet met an individual named “Hesari”, while first testing & learning the game-play of Lineage. Hesrai sense of honor was evident right away and the two struck up a friendship. They would often meet in what was known as “North TI” aka North Talking Island to hunt and chat. 

Soon Prince Hesrai, as he was known in game for his choice of character, would request friends to join his new pledge called Griffonclaw. Kismet’s current pledge was dissolving due to the leader needing to take care of his RL (real life) things. Kismet who was honor bound by his oath of loyalty to his previous pledge, asked to be released of his bond to join Griffonclaw. The leader of the guild gave his ok and Kismet moved to Griffonclaw. 

Griffonclaw, Ring of Water was part of a larger alliance on the US Lineage Ken Rahuel sever called the “Ring Alliance” filled with many Lord of the Rings fans. The Main leader & founder of the Ring Alliance was Destion, an very honorable person with great leadership skills. Other Ring Alliance leaders Manwie, Viviane where also great examples of pledge leaders. Kismet took up the position of Royal Advisor to Hesrai for Griffonclaw and often gave suggestions on running the pledge. Listening and learning from anyone and everyone

who ran a pledge or directly from members what they would like to see. Some other founding members of Griffonclaw, Chummer, IngRadi, Rathi (Damian), Gwenlevit, Atilian, Xostros, KoopaTroopa, Aculed and many others would spend many hours doing a teamwork drill called “baiting the Lizzies” aka Killing Lizard Men to earn money in game. 

After some time, Griffonclaw grew full and Kismet started up a brother pledge to Griffonclaw called Kismet, Ring of Destiny. At an official ceremony Kismet,

 Ring of Destiny was approved as part of the Ring Alliance. Kismet, Ring of Destiny is based upon three very simple virtues: Honor, Loyalty & Respect. All members are expected to follow these virtues and encourage others to do so also. Kismet shifted his name to Prince Kismet. 

Soon the Kismet Pledge grew very large becoming one of the largest Ring Pledges split into three princes run by Prince Kismet. Soon there was a shift to a new US server for Lineage called “LOA” aka Lands of Aden created by Capt Sturm. The Kismet Pledge was lucky to secure one of the greatest pledge houses on LOA for just 128k in game cash through the hard work of Prince Kismet. Years later the house would sell for over 68 million and the money given to members. 

The pledge moved to LOA and was built anew with its first member to join, Chummer. Soon followed by founding members ElvenFyre & Heavensblade. Some more members where added who would become Kismet Ledgends including Sir Steve (aka Teebir), Dew, Rathi, Scroggins, Tigonoh, Herokles, TigerTail, FSBulldog, DamePegasus, Bloomers, MairamRose, MojoZen, Callidriel, Mystical, Ceathiar, TheMagican, Elwe, Sar, Shaved, Celloman, Malaena, Pi, AngDorje and hundreds of others. 

During the Kismet Pledges time on LOA we where renowned worldwide for our Teamwork, Training’s, Website which was featured on for many years. Most especially for our Members, due to their ability to always treat people with respect & kindness. The pledge would grow to over 200+ members over

the many years on LOA. Many hundreds of posts & emails where received on the rareness & uniqueness of the team. 

While there was many other milestones from members hitting high levels and achieving amazing goals, Prince Kismet was among the very few to hit lev 50 on his Prince Character. Considered the hardest character to play to 50. After hitting 50 the Kismet Pledge bestowed a special honor upon him by giving him the title “Lord” Kismet for his accomplishment. The creator of LOA Server and leader of the NCSoft Lineage team Capt Sturm came online in a super rare appearance to wish Kismet and his team congrats during the Kismet Grand Level 50 Party which gave away millions in prizes to the public. 

Soon several new games would be calling on the horizon, after many years of being part of Lineage.  Lord Kismet moved on from Lineage due to game play changes and also a sense of seeing whats out there. Also he started to become ill often so needed to reduce gameplay. Lord Teebir would step up to lead the remaining members in Kismet Legends with honor & distinction.
Our time in World of Warcraft:
Lord Kismet created a whole new site for World of Warcraft and the call to unite was given and was answered by many members. Now known as the Kismet Guild, it would grow very large topping out at over a hundred members. We had grand adventures, raided & PVP’d as a team. During this time Kismet grew very ill and his illness would force Lord Kismet to turn over the Guild to his trusted member Lord Calladriel.
Our time in Lord of the Rings Online:
While recovering ElvenFyre, Heavensblade & Varwe offered to help run the guild in Lord of the Rings Online. Kismet would continue to run the website and act as figure head while the team support the members. After sometime Kismet recovered and became well enough to lead again. Taking back over full leadership of the team. We continued many adventures together in LOTRO. Sadly due to “monetizing” of the game and it being sold off to big movie studio, members are turned off by the constant barrage of “buy buy buy”. Game becomes a “Pay to win” game, what took members months/years to accomplish could be purchased in store. Most members move on, but some a few still remain. Kismet still goes in game to pay the Kinship house and to reminisce. Many members, including Kismet have lifetime accounts and stop in from time to time to see whats new.
Our time in Star Wars the Old Republic:
After 6 months of prep work Kismet creates a Our Star Wars the Old Republic website & invites member to join. The team grows from 30 starting members to well over a hundred. The team participates in all parts of the game. Sadly due to poor internal decisions the game is buggy, with poor communication from the company and eventually members start to loose interest. Kismet attends the SWTOR Guild Summit in the hopes of them turning things around. After a server merge, we are unable to recover our guild name, even after repeated attempts to contact customer service. Eventually members would move on to other games. After our move to Guild Wars 2 Kismet closes down our team in SWTOR.
Our time in Guild Wars 2:
After 10 years together we renewed our adventure in Guild Wars 2. Starting with around 30 members we enjoyed all areas of game content. Soon Kismet falls in love with the game, reminding him much of Lineage and our early years together. The game also removes MMO tedium by removing the need to fight over ore nodes, Mobs, Bosses, everyone gets credit & drops. Group events do not even require groups, only to hit the mob several times. Everyone gets credit and their own loot. A game based on cooperation vs competition for resources. We also play World vs World with its massive battles including giant castle sieges with rams, arrow carts, ballistas, and trebuchets.

Star Citizen:
- The Team is excited to test & play. Many have already bought packages, including myself, I went for the constellation and going “All In” for the game. We are building up a resource of information on our news/forums for the game.

Here is your chance to be part of a team that will be there when you call for help, will not exclude you from hunts or fun. We will not leave you for dead. You will not feel lost or neglected among other faceless members, you will be a cherished part of our Gaming Family.

It is your time to answer the call and join! Destiny Awaits…


Q) Who is the leader of the Team & how long has the team been together?
A) Kismet – Leader & Founder, Since June of 2002

Q) What age do you accept?
A) 18+ older & must be a Mature player. Once your a member we do accept other family members including your spouse, children & other friends you think would make a good fit for our gaming family.

Q) What is more important Games or Real Life?
A) Your real life should always be put first, then we can all have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Q) What type of team is this?
A) We are more of a gaming family then an objective base team. Thought we do enjoy all styles of play.

Q) Do you have a voice server?
A) Yes we use Teamspeak3 with Overwolf for in-game chat overlays.

Q) Do you use social media?
A) Yes we have our own Website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, twitter feed.

Q) What time do you play?
A) We often have members on at all hours, but Mostly EST.

Q) Do we only recruit for specific things?
A) We want you to play the way you most enjoy. The player is the most important thing.

Q) Is this team a democracy?
A) All members have an equal voice to suggest ideas to make the team better. Kismet makes all the final decisions through member input and will carry the responsibility of the outcome.

Q) Do you have Mandatory meetings?
A) No (except for our Grand awards which happens rarely), Casual Gaming is our style. We do promote working with other members when they need help with certain objectives.

Q) What is your Promotion method?
A) Members can quickly achieve Officer status by following our virtues, helping members and showing a willingness to participate.

Member Ranks:
1) Recruit
2) Honored: Shown Loyalty to the team for 1 month & followed our virtues – Awarded with the Star of Loyalty.

Officer Ranks:
3) Awarded: Awarded for service to the team.
4) Awarded Kismet Star – The Teams highest award for many years of service to members.
5) Leader – Leads the teams & makes the tough decisions.

Q) What are common reasons members get removed?
A) Asking for money, items, stealing, Ninja’n looting items you don’t need, attempting to cheat other players, Exploiting game bugs, Obscene & excessive Bad language. Looking down on other members or making them feel dumb or Mis-treating/being obscene to female members. Any kind of behavior that would give our team a bad reputation through your actions. Members are to be treated with respect at all times (Its one of our virtues). A members actions reflect upon everyone in the team.


Q) Do you have to use Voice Chat?
A) We prefer that you can at least hear voice chat & then type your response. Optimally we would like all members to have voice chat.

Q) Do you offer member mentoring & help?
A) Yes! We have officers to help with all parts of the gameplay.

Q) Does your team PVP?
A) Yes some PVP, we are not specifically a PVP team but members do get together to play PVP.

Q) Any restrictions on Selling Items to team members?
A) Don’t price gouge members, offer them a discount & expect them to do the same for you.

New Recruit Questions:

Q) How do you Resolving conflicts?
A) First talk with an officer or Kismet directly. We will listen to both sides and work to give a fair and balanced solution to the issue. We don’t foresee this happing very often, we are a very low key no drama team.

Q) Do I have to be an active member of the team? Such as sign up for the forums, group with members, help others?
A) Yes. You can still be a casual gamer and be welcome. We expect members to sign up for our website and be active as their time allows. Spend at least a little time talking/interacting with members each time you log on.

Q) Your team has been together so long, I am scared It might not fit in with the “Clicks”
A) Some of us have been together for a long time & we are always taking on new people. We enjoy grouping with all levels. Often we start new characters just to help new members. :D We want you feel part of the team!

Q) Any certain guidelines a new member should know?
A) Put team members first, in trades & in participation.



We keep it simple:
1) Follow our Virtues: Honor – Loyalty – Respect
2) /dramaoff

Team themes:
1) Great members make a great team.
2) We want you to feel part of our team!
3) We are more of a gaming family then an objective based team!
4) A members actions reflect upon everyone in the team.
5) Put team members first, in trades & in participation.