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Knights of the Empire / KOFE

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

“A knight is sworn to valour,
His heart knows only virtue,
His blade defends the helpless,
His might upholds the weak,
His word speaks only truth,
His wrath undoes the wicked.”

Sorry for my bad Angelic language. Sincerely Yours, Harry Wye Pendragon.


Empire betrayed me, always strikes back… The Order was liquidated, and its members scattered in the Verse. But Ghost of Good Old Bad Days still follow me. From now I can’t trust no one, I am by my own, I am Renegade.


After Vanduul Swarm, the corrupted Empire preferred UECs, forgetting about its Enemies and Allies.
A closed, small society based on Brotherhood and Honor, Humanity – will Rise again from the Ashes of War. In Chaos we will seek Order. Who knows where our Path will lead us and what we will find…
We must restore forgotten Old Code and our Order. Honor Above All Else!
The First Contact Rule is Welcome, we need New Alliance. Neutrality in conflicts is paramount, we can always come to a consensus. For we stand in the face of possible Annihilation – the hidden threat from the Vanduul Swarm is underestimated.


Freedom in priority. The primary goal will be a Free Farscape Exploring of the Verse. No edges or borders can not stop us in ours Legendary Journeys.
Supporting the Citizens and our Allies who met on our way.
Scouting among the Outworlds devastated by Vanduul Swarm, the search for evidence of their revival, hidden by the Empire.
The study of Unknown Worlds and the search for traces of the Ancient highly developed Civilizations, forgotten Artifacts and Alien technologies. Everything able to help in the coming Last War with Vanduul Swarm…