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Korax Industrial Inc. / KORAX

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Here at the KORAX Industrial Corporation, we provide the resources and logistics necessary to support the ever-expanding ‘verse.

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We are always looking for new players interested in joining our organization. Here at Korax Industrial Inc., We specialize in providing access to large industrial ships and equipment to those who wish to earn credits. The exact structure of how we will accomplish this remains to be seen. As the game mechanics involved mature, we will plan accordingly. We intend to operate as a politically neutral, international and easy-access company. Very little will be required for most members except to have fun, earn credits for the company and of course, for themselves. If you are interested in mining, fueling, exploring, salvaging, repair, logistics or any other credit-earning endeavor; please consider Korax. We would love to support you. Our current ships include an Kraken Privateer, Endeavor Research Ship, Pioneer Mobile Construction Yard, Orion Heavy Miner, Carrack Exploration Vessel and Reclaimer Salvage Ship with many more medium and smaller ships.

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  • Maximize Profits
  • Eliminate inefficiencies; more efficient, more profitable.
  • Support your fellow employees, Their success is your success!
  • Avoid politics, they get in the way of profits.
  • Think BIG! This allows for bigger profits!


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.