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Welcome to K.R.A.U.T. – The most reliable freelancers and explorers in the whole damn galaxy.

…and the future Emperors of you all!

We support Operation Pitchfork with all our power!


The Beginnings

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

…some bros wanted to work together to experience the greatest, mightiest and most thrilling adventure of all time.

It all began one day at a lake where, as the morning dawned and the mist crawled over the ground, there was a Rainbow in the Sky. And they knew it, in that very moment, that they had to conquer the Galaxy in the name of this wondrous Rainbow.

From this day on, the dudebros voyaged into Outer Space, their neverending quest to follow the extraterrestrial Rainbow. To seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go… oh wait that sounds familiar.

Well actually they just wanted to conquer the Galaxy. And maybe find a Leprechaun… or a Pony.

Their Duty

After years and years of endless and incredible adventuring through the voids of the galaxy, the bros received an urgent and really (really) important message from their homeplanet: Mother Earth.

In fact, it wasn’t just a message – it was a call to arms from the fellow Terrans, a cry for help even. The evil and terribly mean Vanduul were hurting innocent people! How could they do that! That’s not nice!

Leaving the trail of the Space Rainbow, the dudes returned to the Sol System without thinking twice.
With all their courage, sense of duty and destructive firepower (of 2 Auroras) it is naturally an honor for K.R.A.U.T. to support OPERATION PITCHFORK and bring back justice and balance to the universe.

(So that afterwards they can conquer it easily, but that’s another story…)


We are K.R.A.U.T – short for ‘Kinfolk Rainbow Alliance of Usurping Terrans’!

But fear not, curious bystander! Although our name may suggest otherwise, we are your friendly neighborhood adventurers from good ol’ Terra. Powered by the ultimate motivation of reaching the other end of the space rainbow, we seek nothing more than the thrill of exploring the unknown boundaries of space – while also helping people fulfill significant tasks.

  • You want us to ship some important goods? It’s as good as there!
  • Want us to scout or explore an area? Get your map and pencil ready, it’s no longer unknown!
  • Got some annoying pirates pushing you around? Oh I’m sorry, what pirates? I only see debris!

And maybe we also conquer the galaxy…. what? Oh nothing…


We have only one rule!

We honor the law of the Gimps!

Law of the Gimps:

  1. Honor the gimp!
  2. You shall not greet the white rooster with its name!
  3. You shall not eat wood!
  4. If you see two crossed woods on the ground, you shall not go forwards with your right foot passing over them. Instead go backwards with your left one ahead. Furthermore you shall not eat those woods!
  5. If the shadow of a vulture falls on an extinguished fireplace, you shall reignite it three times, otherwise it brings large misfortune!
  6. If you cross ways with a white rooster which sits on two crossed woods, you shall not hit him nor eat the woods or greet it with its name!
  7. You shall wear a name which is like no other one in the universe! If you meet one of your brothers, you shall greet him flawlessly with his full name!
  8. If the shadow of a vulture falls on a white rooster which is sitting on two woods of an extinguished fireplace, you are in a sorrowful situation. But you shall work up your courage and don’t greet the rooster with its name nor eating the woods, hitting the vulture or greet your brother the wrong way!
  9. You shall not finkel backwards!
  10. You shall not finkel forwards!
  11. You shall not stay on a dune overnight, which is wandering at noon! But if it wanders towards evening, then sleep well!
  12. You shall go to the city Anagrom Ataf and if you find it, you shall catch it and henceforward declare it as your hometown.

For everyone who want to honor the gimp in his signature:
( You have to delete all _ to use this one as signature! )

<_center_><_a href=“”><_img src=“” alt=“I5Sc9D3.png” /><_/_center_>


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