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KrakenFist / KRKF

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

Welcome to KrakenFist. This is a syndicate devoted to the just aquisition and attainment of all things valuable for both short and long-term ownership. All outside the syndicate are subject to the imposition of the Fist. “Embrace the Kraken.”


Centuries have passed since global commerce had depended on the authority of he who commanded the sea by the alignment of the stars. Poseidon – God of the sea and rivers, creator of storms and floods, and the bringer of earthquakes and destruction placed his hand on the earth and marked her his. By his name, birthed the conquest of man to brave the expanse of the unknown. Men have drowned in the wake. Some carefully treaded; trading, bartering, exploring, but what remained of his touch were the storms, the floods, the earthquakes and destruction.

A bastard child of Poseidon and earth herself had emerged. His name was Adir. Adir was the demi-god manifestation of the God’s ambition. In the lowest depths of the early seas, the child reared himself in the company of the foulest creatures. The neglect he had become accustomed to drove him to steal his father’s trident, and ensure its complete annihilation.

By the loss of the Trident, Poseidon displayed an anguish of mourn and anger – emotions never meant for Adir. Adir learned to transmute the guilt into a type of euphoria; an other-worldly sensation of fulfilling achievement. In spite of his father, Adir went through the ages banding comparable associates: the faceless, the unheard and the forgotten of every civilization, to champion his new ambition. The euphoric feeling of achievement came over all who the demi-god had influenced.

Adir and his first crew dominated the seas hardening commerce for nearly 100 years with his ability to command the Kraken. He would use the Kraken to destroy his opposition and his false followers providing him the title Hull-Breaker. Through the years Adir’s influence had evolved to legend; etching the actions as a sort of unspoken tradition. The acclaiming of the most valuable of treasures and possessions in an involuntary honor of his yearning to teach the value of love.

For centuries Adir had remained on this pursuit, outliving loyal comrades and daring into each new age. Survived by Poseidon’s loss is the loss of many by the Kraken and the unrelenting prowess of Adir and his crew. He remains to this day in the shadows as he has always been. He is hailed as the King of Thieves, and he comes with the shattering might of his Kraken and its will.. now to expand across the cosmos just as they were along the high seas of the old world.


Rein fire, destruction, and loss. Aquire everything – money, power, and prestige. We are the bastards of Poseidon, breakers of hulls, thieves of the black.


Members of KrakenFist are to treat each other like family.

Always assist a fellow member

Always exact your revenge

Commit to complete destruction in every skirmish

Spread fear

Seize vessels at every opportunity and destroy them

Never broadcast your intentions, only your successes

Make sure everyone knows the name KrakenFist