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Roberts Space Industries ®


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is a financial and security focused institute, offering a competitive loan system and reliable armed services. Though the company has multiple divisions venturing other areas, K2A1 stays true to its roots and brings the best to the table for its patrons.

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Founded in the year 1976, K2 Integrated Logistics began as an Earth-sided terrestrial shipping company named after it’s first ship, the K2. Historically specializing in the oil and gas industry, K2 found lucrative gains in the then booming industry as many nations of Earth needed more and more fuel to accelerate their growth.

K2 partnered and eventually merged with A1 Financial Systems forming into the conglomerate, K2A1 in the year 2021 as K2 ventured into the financial industry using the wealth it had garnered over the years.


Realizing the future in the final frontier of outer space, K2A1 purchased it’s first space-faring vessel, the Type-IV Cargo KTAO Aquila in the year 2287, purchasing more ships as the company expanded. As pirate presence increased over time, K2A1 found it wise to start sending escort sorties with transport vessels.

As ship and weapons technology improved, K2A1 found itself able to further expand it’s fleet and combat capability, leading to improved protocols in Trade and Development and the addition of the Combat and Intelligence division being created inside the corporation.

Accruing more capable pilots on escorting ships, K2A1’s C&I Division was found to be serving a much larger role than before. Expanding it’s services to include precision scout teams as pathfinders; clearing the way and confirming safe passage for convoys, and Close-Protection Services on both ground and air for it’s patrons and customers.

True to our roots, K2A1 still specializes in the transfer, shipping, and security of goods and resources while also providing financial services to our valued customers.

  • 1976 -K2 Founded in South Korea, Earth
  • 1999 -K2 renamed to K2 Integrated Logistics
  • 2008 -K2 announces partnership with A1 Financial Systems
  • 2021 -K2 and A1 announce merger, to be named K2A1
  • 2287 -K2A1 purchases first space-faring ship, Type-IV Cargo KTAO Aquila
  • To be announced


While K2A1 is a fictional, for-profit corporation based inside the Star Citizen verse, it’s ultimate objective is to allow it’s members to enjoy Star Citizen in whatever play-style they prefer. Beyond that, our main gameplay objectives and forward direction are dictated by the following:

Star Citizen, Alpha, and Work in Progress

As Star Citizen is still in Alpha, any planned trajectory of gameplay and roleplay of K2A1 and it’s members are subject to change as Star Citizen progresses in it’s development. Besides that, all current operations are dictated by the limits of the latest live release of the game. (Not PTU)

What this means is that the future planned operations of K2A1 is not concrete and may ultimately change, as per changes made in the game by CIG over time.

Roleplaying and Real Life

While it could be said that Star Citizen is one of the most, if not the most, ambitious simulation game to date but it is not perfect, far from it. Players come from all corners of the globe and play to have fun but due to the current restraints of the game, we understand that not everybody will participate in the realism simulation aspect of Star Citizen.

To this end, K2A1 strives to cater and welcome nearly all types of players into our corporation.

K2A1 was created by a small group of friends in order to discover and connect with more like-minded individuals. While K2A1 does hold very high goals with the intention of continuing growth with new members, we respect how others would want to experience their game experience as we hope they respect ours.

K2A1 will not be participating in piracy or grieving activities nor will it create partnerships or alliances with other organizations that have demonstrated such actions.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.