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Kuroda Ritsu / KURODA

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You’ve come to the right place. We are some of the ‘verse’s leading Fugitive Recovery Agents and now you can gain access to our exclusive skills


  • Kuroda Ritsu is an organization built upon 3 separate divisions, operating as one entity to achieve a common goal.



Kuro Corporation – established and rebranded as ‘The Kuro Corporation’ in 2810 (formerly known as ‘Kassaki Security’)
Founder of KC – Kuro Corporation – Kuro Kassaki (Master Owner) ‘Daimyo’ born 2740 – Whose great grandfather ‘Arnold Kassaki’ fought in the first Tavarin War in 2542 and once retiring at the rank of ‘Senior Master Sergeant – SMSgt’ from the military, established his own private military/security company ‘Kassaki Security’ circa 2546

YEAR 2810

It has been 10 years since construction was completed on the ‘Ark’ information repository in the and ‘Kassaki Security’ are vying for the main contract which the UEE is renewing for military security to guard the Ark, however their contract negotiations failed and as a result ‘Kassaki Security’ was ruined, their only option was to reform under a new corporation, so they bought up smaller specialized companies and rebranded as “The Kuro Corporation”.

The end of an era

Kuro Kassaki died on Charon III in the year 2813 (aged 73) helping refugees escape the civil war. The company goes into disarray; however, a council was formed by the three leaders of each division of the organisation, which ultimately formed ‘Kuroda Ritsu’ in the year 2816, naming Kuro ‘Daimyo’ a title then handed on to the current leader of the organization. [REDACTED]


‘To Anywhere Logistics’ – Established 2790

A successful young logistics company are spotted by ‘Kuro Kassaki’ in the year 2795 and are elevated into what is now known as “Kuroda Ritsu”
Based out of the Terra with its many shipping lanes, their reputation is known throughout the system as a “get it done, and get it done quick” company. Their discretion second to none, with ‘Kuro Corporation’ Private Military Services available to them, they have in comparison to their competitors, cargo runs that are relatively uneventful, as most pirates would not dare to engage.

Kuro Kassaki saw that ‘TA Logistics’ were doing very well, and were about to finish off paying their initial investors, and with one thought of “I must own this company” he set out to sabotage deliveries, unbeknownst to ‘TA Logistics’, and spread rumours of poor service across the System, and when the investors concerns hit their highest point, ‘Kuro Kassaki‘ offered to buy their investments out at a premium rate, leaving ‘Kuro Kassaki’ as majority shareholder of ‘TA Logistics Ltd’ – ‘Kuro Kassaki’ will ultimately rebrand TA to DA later down the line.


Armitage Research Group – Established 2684

Exactly 3 years after the first Vanduul attack on Humans in the year 2681 – The Armitage Research Group was formed, initially funded by the UEE to research ways of combatting the Vanduul attacks, and saving lives in the field, ultimately promoting the war effort. If any tech were to come in handy, they would be the ones to find it.
CEO – Maria Camila is a Earthborn Medical Research Scientist with strong connections to the UEE,
and is tasked with running the Armitage Research Group in the year 2792 after she becomes a popular figure campaigning for non-invasive scans on planets in a system, to see whether it possesses the reasonable capacity to evolve into intelligent life (see The Fair Chance Act)
After the UEE cancelled funding for them, Maria searched for independent investors to continue their research efforts, eventually coming across the Kuro Corporation, who offered to fund them.

Kassaki Security Established – 2546 rebranded Kuro Cooperation – 2810 Armitage Research Group Established – 2684 TA Logistics Established – 2790 Kuroda Ritsu Established 2816

130-year-old Organization specialising in Military, Science/Research, Resources and Versatility

Current Leader – [REDACTED]


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⦁ Communication – Communication is key, keeping our customers and potential contractors well informed with good communication always comes first. Always communicate your findings to your superiors immediately

⦁ Reputation – Always carry through with your contracts, and be as Reliable, Punctual, and Understanding of our customer’s wants and needs as possible. You are the face of our Organisation.

⦁ Teamwork – We must all pull together to reach our ultimate goals, we are stronger together, and with that togetherness comes momentum and unity. You can be stronger together than you might be alone.

⦁ Enterprise – Keep in constant mind that you are part of a chain of networks, which cannot function and support themselves alone, and the smallest of sacrifices can tilt the balance in history as we strive towards our ultimate goals.

⦁ Betrayal of any kind will be faced with severe consequence

⦁ Always follow orders given to you by your superiors