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The Knight Wardens are a gaming community governed by our Christian faith where we have a fun, family-friendly environment and encourage each other through fellowship, equality, and fair play for all. The Knight Wardens: Lead by Example! Apply at: (KWC)


The Knight Wardens are a gaming community founded in August 2013 with the intention to participate in Star Citizen fully. Our guiding principles (Friendship,Morality, Respect and Community) are governed by our Christian faith in that we have a fun, family-friendly environment where we encourage each other through fellowship, equality, and fair play for all. While we have our faith as our guiding principle you do not have to be a believer in order to join but we do ask that you respect the principles that are contained within our code of conduct (no foul language or berating others in-game or on our Discord server for example).

We strive to provide a place where new players and veterans alike can come and participate in Star Citizen free from those unwanted elements that can be found in most online activities. We do offer weekly meetings and fellowship for those who are believers but have those areas set aside on our Discord server so that they are not disturbed by our daily activities. We also have members from all walks of life and play-styles from the casual gamer to those more competitive in nature. As stated above as we are highly anticipating the onset of Star Citizen. Within Star Citizen we plan to be specializing in Security and Transportation with interests in a wide variety of other game aspects such as Trading, Exploration and Logistics.



Friendship- The Knight Wardens Gaming Community is a vibrant gaming community based on Christian principles and the bonds of friendship between our members. If you told me the most fun you have ever had playing a video game, I would bet that it involved playing with close friends. Community is important in gaming. It gives your gaming experience purpose and direction. The members of this community will be devoted to friendship, both in the deepening of current friendships and discovering new friends. We are in this together. What we accomplish, we will accomplish together.

True friendship isn’t simply virtual. We strongly believe that in order for us to truly be friends, we must know a little bit about each other. You are not permitted to stalk others in the community, but you are encouraged to be friends with them beyond the boundaries of a video game.

Respect- If you have been in a Community before, you have likely experienced what happens when people have a lack of respect for others. Our Community will not survive or be successful without respectful members. If you are to become a member of Knight Wardens Gaming Community, you will be expected to show caring respect for your Community mates and the Community leadership.

Morality- The Knight Wardens Gaming Community maintains a high standard of moral conduct. Therefore, members of KWC will be morally respectable. Morality isn’t just about avoiding things that are wrong. It is about embracing what is right. One of the staples of KWC is the kind, generous, and respectful attitudes of our Community members. In becoming a member of this Community, you are required to act in a way that is morally reputable and contribute to our friendly atmosphere.
To put it bluntly: If you are looking for a place to use every type of vulgar, sexual, and obscene language under the sun, this isn’t the Community for you. However, if you are looking for the most positive and encouraging gaming community the Knight Wardens Gaming Community is the Community for you! We believe that this principle is crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere in the Community and in the various games we have a presence in.

Community- All members are highly encouraged to regularly check and post on our forums. The success of our Community will be directly linked with how much each Community member contributes. The simplest way to contribute to the Community is by sharing your thoughts on the Community forums, TeamSpeak, and in Community chat. You can also help Community mates in the game with questing, crafting, or class advice. A few members might decide to contribute in a leadership role. Either way, contribution is vital for members of the Community.

The Knight Wardens Gaming Community is not a Community for spectators. Check the forums and post new threads. Share your thoughts. Interact with your Community mates in Community chat and Discord. We aren’t looking for people who stand on the sidelines. This doesn’t mean that introverted personalities won’t feel comfortable in our Community, it simply means that the more active Community members we have in KWC, the more enjoyable our supported game titles will be for all of us.


Code Of Conduct

The Knight Wardens Community is a fellowship of like-minded gamers who endeavor to build a true community of friends and fellowship based on Christian principles who are not segregated by game choices, skill levels, or ranks.

I. Code of Conduct in order to maintain an amicable relationship with all gamers, all KWC members must avoid these behaviors:

-Stalking, harassment, trolling

-All forms of disrespect

-Profanity and vulgarity (We try to maintain a G to PG-13 vocabulary)

-Violations of Discord etiquette

-Guild Poaching

Code of Conduct Violations

This article describes what actions can be taken by whom when a code of conduct violation occurs by any member or non-member. This article applies to any other event deemed serious by the senior officer witnessing the event. This article is split into two sections.The first grants temporary authority to the Officer who witnessed the event in question. The second grants authority to a Council, consisting of all Officers, to make a permanent decision on the event in question.

Section A – Temporary Authority

The Officer witnessing the event in question is granted authority to take any appropriate action necessary to restore the situation. Such action is temporary and will remain in effect until the Officer Group (Council) meets to determine a permanent resolution. It is up to Officer’s discretion to determine when a particular event is deemed serious.

Section B – Permanent Resolution

After a Code of Conduct violation occurs and an Officer has taken temporary action, the witnessing Officer must contact the other Council Members. The Council must meet as soon as reasonably possible to a make permanent decision on the event. The accused may be invited to attend depending upon seriousness of violation. The meeting is highly encouraged to take place over some form of real-time communication such as Teamspeak. While email messaging may be used to discuss the event and schedule meeting times, the council is prohibited from making a final decision solely on this form of communication. Once a decision is made, the verdict can be delivered by email if the accused is not present. Decisions by the Council shall be determined by a simple majority of attending Officers.

II. Activity Policy

Without shared experiences, there is no chance for kinship. With that understanding, and in the interest of maintaining a vibrant gaming community we try to maintain an active membership base. We encourage all members to participate when they can and how often they can when time permits, but to maintain a strong tight knit community we have to maintain some basic guidelines. All members are expected to interact with us by some means (Website,Discord or Game Involvement in a meaningful way)

In addtion new applicants joining us need to participate in our Website and Discord as much as possible during their trial period (3 weeks or so depending upon activity). This will gage to see if we are a good fit for them and they us.

Note that our expectation is that if you are playing a game that the Knight Wardens are sponsoring that you will be playing with the Knight Wardens and not some other group.