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Victus / KYRTSAD

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Victus was formed within the first few months of the Tevarin War in 2543. Comprised of retired military, civilian militia, and those with a will to fight outside the normal conventions of structured military command. It was a brotherhood quickly bound by blood, at was the dogged guerrilla style warfare against the Tevarin for that lead to the United Planets of Earth (UPE) hiring Victus. They accepted the offer on the basis of the Tevarin being a worthy opponent and thus would bring them honor. The organisation’s ruthless combat style had struck fear into the Tevarin troop, or at least what we call fear as any alien species could know it. It was for this reason the UPE was quick to assign the grit and gore of the wars ugliest combat campaigns to Victus’ fighters. After the war in 2546 and with the formation of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) replacing the UPE, Victus quietly slipped into the shadows of the war and was gradually forgotten for the time…

It wasn’t until 2712 that the infamy of Victus was brought to light within the annals of history once more. A Vanduul fleet invaded the Orion system with an attack force much larger than anything seen before. It was by mere chance that Victus was even in the Orion System conducting a small security mission for a cargo transport operation. As the Vanduul fleet came out of what we can only assume to be their equivalent of quantum into the system, the previous orderly nature of the populace soon broke into chaos as ships attempted to flee for themselves rather than be slaughtered by the Vanduul forces. In those first few hours of combat, Victus broke with what ships they had and quickly provided screening fire for fleeing vessels from the planet. There were losses and the names of those first few sacrificed on the pyre of war are all but lost to history. When the ammunition was gone and the ships fuel tanks ran dry, Victus did not bend or break, but brought the fight to the Vanduul planet-side with unrelenting urban warfare. Falling back on old hate and rage that gloried in the face of death.

On the surface the Organization had rescued a large amount of civilians from a Vanduul attack, and refused to leave them to die, so they set up defenses in an apartment complex. It was only a short few days after, approximately seventy two hours, that the holdout force began to crumble under the persistence of the pressing Vanduul threat. The ensuing fight lasted the better part of that day, Victus Forces having used the last of their ammo resorted to their blades and anything they could use for a weapon, though the raw strength of the Vanduul in melee combat swiftly cut through those that remained. Shortly after the compound was breached the halls were painted with gore and littered with corpses of humans and Vanduul alike. With the last men of Victus planet-side splattered across the roof of the building. it was that evening that the last pocket of resistance on Orion III was vanquished. All that remained were a few tattered banners, the bodies of the fallen warriors and thousands of invading beasts.

The five remaining members of Victus were on a supply run in the Stanton system when they heard about the attack on Orion III. They got there as quickly as they could only to see the planet in flames. The bodies of the fallen were recovered and cremated in a mass funeral, their names and actions immortalized into Victus’ internal archives.

For the next two hundred years the group known as Victus struggled to return to its former glory and resorted to lesser jobs such as bounty hunting, bodyguards and general mercenary work. The days of present are what most recognize as dark times for Victus and it’s members…




Future intentions:

VICTUS is currently in the planning phase of an operation to construct a base of operations on planet REDACTED. The Operations Order for the mission is currently undergoing staffing during weekly battle update briefs to the chain of command. Once the operation has been finalized a TASKORD will be sent down to section commanders for field briefings.

VICTUS intends to operate as a pseudo shadow organization conducting low profile security operations for a variety of organizations and corporations that can afford our services. In addition there is room for advancement into the exploratory and resource management fields which will allow us to establish a strong foothold on our future base of operation and outlying forward operating bases (FOB) in various systems.
VICTUS like any organization is focused on security for higher and credit acquisition for services rendered. As such as our organization grows we will be able to afford salaries to dedicated members for their contribution and potential ship advancement rewards with equipment as our financial base becomes consolidated.

VICTUS is a family and we are looking for members who enjoy companionship, easy conversation, and fun overall. We are not here to belittle our members or others due to a lack of experience or skill. We have potential jobs for all that are willing to become a member of our brotherhood.

Bottom Line Up front (BLUF): We are here to have fun and we hope you are to. We will support our members and make them better players if they wish to and are willing to accept those that can participate regularly and others that may only have time once or twice a week even based on real life and work commitments.


Bounty Hunting – Contract higher on individuals or other organizations for credits
Security – Fighter Escort / On ship and base security forces teams
Scouting – Stealth / Speed / Reconnaissance
Assassination – Jobs at our discretion
Front Line Forces – In support of ground and space borne operations
Relief Aid – Warzone ammo and supply run for military or peace aid operations
Refuge – Protection for those that can afford it within our ability to move them to a safe location

Always Recruiting the following
General Infantry
Pilots Combat/Non-Combat

Base and FOB Locations:

Cantina on Redacted
Racetrack on Redacted
Gladiator Area on Redacted




Key Personnel:

Command Council:

“A man’s bone and skin can be burned away into powder and ash, but what’s left is without form. Courage, duty and honor have no permanent home.”

VICTUS Operate Under a morale code

Respect the Chain of Command and follow your orders to the betterment of the mission
Honor your word and be bound by your oaths
Keep counsel and faith with VICTUS… We are family and will aid one another upon request
Keep the peace and protect the innocent… We are not Pirates but will fight to the last if fired upon
Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance of ships and equipment are mandatory
You will endeavor to participate in meetings and voice your opinions and suggestions to the betterment of the Corp but all final decisions will be made by the Chain of Command