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“Our Passion is Our Strength”

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The Best Is Yet to Come.


Lachev Inc. is a multi-business corporation, engaged in various lucrative industries and strategic investments.
The company is currently focused on cargo shipments, extraction of resources and logistical support.

Lachev Inc. has extensive assets in interplanetary shipping, mining and transport, with capabilities to run fully independent and self sufficient operations.

Exploration plays a major role in our activities, as well as security enforcement.

Candidates with all types of skills, experience and interests are very welcome.

We are driven by our ambition to bring continuing economic stability and progress, in and beyond UEE space, for a safe and secure society.

Membership Highlights

  • Various lucrative opportunities.
  • Open spots on a Multi-crew platforms.
  • Organized group activities.
  • Rank progression and rewards, according to your contribution.
  • Casual and hardcore inner groups.
  • IRL commitments friendly (non-mandatory group participation).
  • Affiliations allowed* (check rules).

Chat/Voice Comms
We encourage all members to join our text/voice comms at Discord ->

Corp Rules


Corp Rules