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“Our Passion is Our Strength”

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The Best Is Yet to Come.


Welcome to Lachev Corporation.

We are an international group of players, very passionate about gaming and this is our start-up Star Citizen division.

Lachev Inc. is a multi-business organization engaged in various lucrative industries, exploring new frontiers and discovering new resources. We are focused on making fortunes and building our private business empire. We follow principles of nonviolence, except for emergency defense.

We like to think that the businesses of today will play a large part in creating better worlds for the future. Worlds of hope and opportunity.

Our goal is to become one of the substantial industrial entities and leading providers of vital goods and technologies. Connecting distant worlds and helping them to grow in peace and prosperity.

Our passion is our strength.

Membership Highlights

  • You are free to choose your own playstyle.
  • Activities for every taste.
  • Easy access to various lucrative ops.
  • Opportunities based on your personal skills and desires.
  • Rank progression and rewards, according to your contribution.
  • Casual and hardcore player groups.
  • IRL commitments friendly (No requirement for attendance).
  • No rush if you wish to play solo.
  • Affiliations allowed* (check rules).

Chat/Voice Comms
We encourage all members to join our text/voice comms at Discord ->

Corp Rules