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“Pax Propter Vim” – “Peace Through Power”

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Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Lachev Inc. is privately held company which undertakes industrial and commercial activities as discovering, extraction and transport of valuable resources, refining and trade. We follow the UEE laws and keep our reputation positive and high as possible. The Company concentrates on building wealth, acquiring resources, land and economic influence, expanding the corporate empire and its capabilities.

Company’s Mission & Vision

At the beginning of our existence in the verse we will focus on a profitable activities such as mining, refining and trade, periodically expand to other fields and add other departments to the corporation.
Exploration naturally will come part of our workflow with the need of scouting new places rich of resources. Our operations will require different roles like scouts, mining crew, logistics crew (space truckers), security squads, market observers etc. Since we don’t know yet much about the actual game mechanics and what would be the best way of earning money, our tactics may change. Our goal will be to acquire significant amount of resources (financial and material), improve our corporate structure, became self sufficient and consolidate. We will not focus on fights initially, but more on avoiding them and keeping our ships and goods safe. We will start building a military fleet at some point but not before we have working business model and profitable operations.
We are not in any alliance at the moment, but this could change at some point.

Right now we are recruiting new members and we are looking for a positive-minded persons to join us. We are “noob friendly” and there is no need to have any experience in this game (or any other), no requirement either to have any particular type/number of ships. The first few dozen members would have the unique chance to shape the core of our corporation.
The company is listed as “Regular” corp, but that doesn’t mean we would not dive deep in the game, play hardcore and pursuit more elite shape of our organization.

Our short to long term goals as a company will be to create and improve our corp structure, maintain profitable business and build wealth, expand our activities, add military assets and create fleet.

Everyone is welcome to join our organization. We do not require or force our members to do a particular jobs or activities, you can do whatever you want in the verse with the option to join us for some industrial operations. The main thing we are looking for is a community of trusted and positive friends. Please read the company’s rules and policies before you apply and note that some spoken/written level of English is required to be able to participate in our comms.

Company Policies and Membership Agreement

Chat/Voice Comms
We encourage all members to join our chat/voice comms at Discord ->

Value, Respect & Discipline
Be honest, trustworthy and loyal to the Company. Respect you colegues and follow higher ranked members, be polite and friendly with your fellows, be respectful of your mates and company’s property.
We cooperate to reach our common goals and work as a team to ensure the success of the whole group. We give and receive constructive feedback.
On a company missions, be disciplined, take your role(s) seriously, follow safety procedures, don’t be reckless and endanger your mates and the company’s property and mission. Higher ranked members have higher commanding authority. Rank is not an excuse to mistreat other members.

Reputation with the UEE
We intend to be a lawful corp, keeping our rep with the UEE as high as possible since we are doing legal trade in the UEE space and we want the best possible conditions for our business.
All of our members must keep their reputation with the UEE positive and stay away from any actions which may lead to a loss of reputation or even gain you a criminal status. If that happens probably you will be asked to clean your status before you may be able to group with any of us again.

Piracy and Crimes
Piracy is against our company’s policy along with any lawless activities, which could earn you a negative reputation and mark you as a criminal, since we want good standing with the UEE and the other lawful corps, who may be our partners some day. Any actions (random attacks/murders, stealing, destruction of equipment and assets, trade scams etc.) that could affect our credibility and lead to loss of reputation with the UEE/player corps are not allowed while you represent our corporation. We don’t want bounties on our heads and people disrupting our business, while looking for revenge. Please note that any types of scam falls in the category of crimes.

PvP and KOS list
Spontaneous, random, unreasonable, unnecessarily, unprovoked engaging of friendly pilots without being physically attacked or threatened is not allowed while you represent this organization. Legitimate reason for engaging is defending yourself or your crew mates from attacker(s) or elliminating someone who is posing imminent threat to you, your crew and mission. Our Corp. have KoS (Kill on sight) list and you are allowed to hunt and destroy anyone present in that list. We will include there not only names of individuals but also Orgs at war with us which will make all of their members legitimate targets. Be a professional and do not escalate verbal arguments to a unnecessary fight. Do not attack players who just compete with you for a job/resources without threatening you. Small incidents could spark a costly war.

All members are allowed send KoS requests to add someone to the list, incase they become a victims in some way (unprovocked attacks, scams etc.) but you also need to present a clear evidence of the incident (video, screenshots etc). Send your requests via Discord. It will be up to the management team to make a decision.

Keep in mind that our current PvP policy may change if we join an alliance. Right now our strategy will be to minimize damage, lower operating costs and grow as much as we can.

Ruining someone’s game just for the lulz or griefing/harassment of ANY players – friendly or not is strictly forbidden. No griefing between our members AND towards other players. On top of that CIG has stated that they will take various actions to discourage (possibly punish) griefers. Google ‘griefing’ if you don’t know what it means, and no excuses.

Friendly Fire
Obviously fights and friendly fire between corp members and allies are illegal. Probably there’s no need to say that intentional damaging of property (ships, equipment, stations etc.) of our fellow members or allies (or random players) is illegal, also using ships/equipment (which is not yours) without permission is not acceptable.

Toxic Behavior
Members with toxic behavior towards our fellows are not wanted in our corp. No elitist attitude, flaming, mocking, insults between our members. Do not create drama. Owning Javelin/Idris or whatever doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful towards let’s say owners of Aurora.

Attendance and Availability
We understand very well that time is precious and some people have little free time to play games because of real life commitments (job, wife, kids, friends etc.) so our organization doesn’t require you to have any particular availability. However we will encourage these members who contribute more to our organization with higher status and rank progression. You could play very rarely and still contribute more than other players who play more often.

Adverticement, Spam, Flood, Cheating
Spliting the corp

Exclusive, Full Membership & Affiliated
Affiliation is allowed to encourage more people joining us. However higher ranks, critical roles and security access will be given with priority to the exclusive and full members. If you switch from exclusive or full to affiliated membership you could loose your previous status/access level (reconsidered on a case-by-case basis). Members/affiliates of rival organizations (organizations which are our direct competition), lawless/pirate organizations or Orgs at war with us can’t be our affiliates/full members (for security reasons).
Hiding from us a membership or affiliation with an Orgs is a no go, you are obliged to let us know about all of your connections.

Leaving the Corp
If you want to try your luck somewhere else, no hard feelings on that, business is business. Just give a shout to your Manager or drop a post in our Discord server. If you want to keep a good standing, keep it civil and respectful. It is definitively even possible to re-join us again later if you change your mind (if you didn’t burn bridges).

“Death & Taxes”
Our company will need an income to feed the budget needed to cover operational costs (fuel, repairs, insurance, ship replacement, ammunition) buying scheme for assets etc., so at some point when the taxation system is implemented into the game, we will have to decide if there will be (or not) a tax to all members and where all of the needed money will come from.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
Sending a joining request means you agree not to disclose any confidential/sensitive information regarding our members or company, obtained while you were part of our organization; to not share anything that would hurt our reputation, endanger our business or give advantage over us to other players/organizations.

Corporate Rank Hierarchy and Progression (Civil ranks)

- Probationary Junior Staff
- Junior Staff
- Middle Staff
- Senior Staff
- Specialist Senior Staff
- Manager
- General Manager
- Director

Ranks will be climbed by activity and engagement.
Some roles will be assigned independently from the ranks to players with particular skill sets.


Corp Rules:
- No insults/nagging/mocking/trolling of any type will be tolerated, including racism or homophobic/political/religious comments etc.
- No elitist attitude toward others. Have respect to everyone in-game, no matter if they are new/old members or good/bad players.
- No cheating, hacking or scamming.
- You may redact affiliation(s) to other organizations, but it is required to show us the names of the redacted orgs.
- You are responsible for your actions and any rule breaking will be taken up on a case by case basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!

Kind regards,
Lachev Corporation Management