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Looking for an active, stable, knowledgeable, and friendly community to experience Star Citizen with?
Look no further – welcome to Lagrange Point.

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After decades of repression under a failing government, the original founders of Lagrange Point gathered together the strongest and most capable pilots in the Universe to discuss a separation from the ruling party. Together, they created a more stable structure, establishing a more reasonable hierarchy of leaders and a system of checks and balances to prevent too much power being in the hands of one person.



There are 3 main bodies: the Community, the Captains, and the Council.

The Community consists of anyone and everyone who values playing together.

Captains are individuals who have proven themselves on the job and are the first to look to for tactical leadership.

The Council is the topmost decision making body in LagPoint, and collectively provides universal direction for the organization.

Community Voice

The Community may nominate a person for a new rank by vote and present it to The Council in order to help facilitate advancement. Upon Council agreement, the person is given higher rank. Community vote can also nominate for demotion etc. where moderating action is not appropriate.

In LagPoint you will be rewarded primarily for in-game accomplishments that benefit our organization, however certain meta-activities outside of the game may also be considered meritorious.

Lagrange Point Galaxy Achievement

Ellis – “Worth a voyage!”

  • Develop shields to gather resources from ellis1
  • Win the Murray cup
  • Gather information about advanced terraformers through Ellis6 (UEE territory)

Terra – “A new earth”

  • Get high class equipment through the black market
  • Get a fleet to organize large cargo runs through the Terran system
  • Look into the ancient mystery on terra 3

Magnus – “Currently uninteresting to the Lagpoint Journey goals”

Chronos- “Synthworld”

  • Trade in GeoEngineered products

Centauri – “A beautiful system”

  • Get a good contract deal with Saisei to deliver MISC ships
  • Explore the environment of Saisei
  • Explore Centauri 4 for possible mining base operation

Rhetor- “Researcher and engineers start here”

  • Trade food, electronics,labor, and research

Oberon- “Home to a robust mining Community”

  • Mining heavy metals
  • Mine in this impossibly harsh environment

Stanton- “For all your corporation needs”

  • Get a place to rent for the Org
  • Great place to stop for materials
  • Stanton 3: ArcCorp the most visually impressive of the worlds
  • Great for mercenary missions

Nemo- “Tourist trap for the so called (Space Whales)”

  • Trade electronics, food, crude oil, and water

Fora- “Lack of a better description, a pirate system”

  • Good for bountyhunters, pirates are here
  • Trade for the brave, food, labor, luxury goods

Davien- “First contact between Humans and the Banu”

  • Davien 2 (Cestulus) a city under ground it’s worth a look

Goss- “Natural beauty on a grand scale”

  • Warning kidnapping and theft happens here
  • Trade for food,energy supplies ,and elements

Bremen- “pirate infested system”

  • Mine in this pirate infested system
  • explore the system
  • Mercenarys needed here for pirate problem

Odin- “Ideal site for a weapons laboratory”

  • Trade food and medical supplies

Elysium- “For all your traveling needs for the best experience possible”

  • Explore the majestic mountaintop and city

Achievements not specified to a system

  • Finding a derelict capital ship
  • Getting hold of a Terraformer for general purpose
  • Finding new worlds and jump points
  • Finding new rich asteroids belts
  • Finding new Tech and Weapons


The name Lagrange Point refers to the points in space where the gravitational force of two massive objects in space is exactly equal. Objects in these points have stable, locked orbits. This property makes the points a prime location to place space telescopes, away from Earth. As an organization, we strive to be stable and vigilant, honorable in our actions and valiant in our efforts.

As such, we have a certain set of rules that we require all members of Lagrange Point to adhere to.

Code of Conduct

1. Family and other real life responsibility always comes first. Star Citizen is a game, and although it will be demanding at times, it must be understood that there are other priorities before it.

2. Maintain respect for all members. Racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise offensive material will not be taken lightly. Also, remember everyone’s voice is equal, except in situations where orders must be given.

3. Voice communication is a must. LagPoint uses TeamSpeak 3 for most active communication and organizational purposes. English is the primary spoken language.

4. Commanders and officers have earned their rank. Respect their commands and you’re likely to live longer in the universe. Promotions are considered based on loyalty and effort given to the organization, as well as through proof of competence.

5. Be a team player. Although many will pursue solo work in game, it will be far more rewarding to work with fellow members and allies to achieve common goals. Safety in numbers applies to space travel, too. It helps when someone is there to watch your 6 when you can’t.

6. Have fun! It’s a game! Of course, battles will be lost, and friendships will be tested (careful about “accidentally” ejecting your crewmate), but in the end, we’re all here to have a good time. Your work to help encourage a positive environment goes a long way towards that goal.