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Larsson Group / LARSSON

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  • Infiltration

A sharp sword might be dangerous but a sharp mind turns it into a deadly force.

Randi ‘Valkyrie’ Larsson


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Uniting under one banner to pursue liberty and knowledge, free the oppressed and preserve peaceful relations.


Larsson Group [LG] sets new precedents in diplomacy and economic values through advancements in technology, thereby furthering the expansion of the UEE. By acting as an inter-stellar web, LG has successfully connected multiple civilizations together in culture and commerce. These groups often span across distant systems with vastly varying economic and political environments, yet LG strives to safeguard each faction’s individual interests while maintaining mutual benefit. By these actions, the Larsson Group sets out to unite our ‘verse to form a more culturally rich and stable society and denounces racial differences in favor of a stronger galaxy for all.


A Brief History

In May 2655 Týr Larsson founded a very substantial ‘Information Agency’ with the inconspicuous name of Larsson Group

2716 Following and expanding upon her father’s ideals the founder’s granddaughter spearheads the first dedicated team of field agents specially trained in martial arts and guerrilla warfare for intelligence and diplomacy operations. She also introduces a detachment of fighter craft to the organization.

Stein Larsson’s era was rather quiet and focused heavily on intelligence and diplomacy endeavors. Within his epoch the Larsson Group had one of its biggest successes, the collaborative preparation and coverage of the 2789 ‘Kray/Akari treaty’.

As protection and support for Senator Akari, large amounts of hoarded Messer family secrets and degrading acts of terror were revealed from the Larsson archives and published through various channels. This action was spread out over several years and zenith with the big reveal of ‘The massacre of Garron II’ in 2792, finally culminating in the government’s overthrow.

In 2925 Patriarch Fredrik died leaving Leif Erik as Chancellor and Patriarch.
Leif Erik Jørgensen aimed to force steady growth into the group. He was seeking to increase profit, size and power of the Larsson group, but he lacked the competence in business management.

Finally in 2929 he saw his chance to buy the well-known Horizon Trading and Finance Corp., an almost bankrupt company at the time. Later showing competence and a thirst for economics, he abolished the directorate and integrated the remaining structure into Larsson Group.

2940 With help and support from his father, Lars F. changed the directorate of Larsson Group to a more progressive approach to increase competence and participation, while also dividing the organisation into three branches: Military, Exploration and Logistics.


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Larsson Group was founded with the intention to fight the undemocratic messer era and to support freedom and democracy within the UEE while also support good relations towards friendly neighbours (alien races). While during the fascist era of the uee it was denounced to be a terroristic organization, threatened with deadly punishments, it later on received full pardon for the activities in the past.

Larsson Group collected large amounts of data from and about the messer regime through intelligence and infiltration activities. It was also heavily involved in freeing political prisoners, leaking information on the messer family doings, and several attempts to attack and kill members of the dictator family, aswell as a lot of sabotage within the dictatorship and its activities.

After the victory over the fascist era, Larsson Group sticked to the information collection for a long time until the end of the last century, when the actual patriarch, Leif Erik Jørgensen decided to add the economic competence and expert knowledge of the horizon trade and finance corp to the portfolio of the Larsson Group, which caused them to have a wide range of activities from military to exploration and business, which certainly excludes piracy but might include smuggling, as long as it caters the intentions of the org (freeing oppressed, blockade running, etc.) but that definitely excludes slavery, slave transports, drug smuggling.


LG Discord | LG Guilded | LG Rec Thread

The core values, we are aiming for are:

  • Fun, friendship and trust
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Quality over quantity
  • Diversity

Because we focus so much on the people within the organization, we need to make sure you fit in. For both our and your sake. You should really share our vision. This is also the main reason why we think rapid growth should be avoided at any cost. We are not here to become the next biggest org. Nor are we here to self loath towards the community and show how active and “professional” we are. There are tons of those organizations already, and sooner or later they will run into drama. We are here to provide the best possible experience for our members and mainly to have a good time and become close friends. If you want a big organization with a lot of exposure… go ahead and join one. But we guarantee you that the experience will not nearly be as good as playing with friends you know and trust. We are aiming for a max size of 150 members (we might make exceptions for good rl friends of already existing members but we did not even reach that count yet so we do not need to worry), which we find already quite large for the goals we want to achieve.

A larger diversity of members will create a more dynamic and fun experience.

Let’s not forget this is not a job! In the end we are all here to have fun. Nobody should ever feel obligated to create stuff. Whether it is organizational, lore or media related stuff. We are firm believers that respect for each and every member (whether they are on every day or once a week) will yield the best results.

Also, if you contribute something for the org, like documents or media, it will stay in the group, even after you leave. You agree to that with joining us. New members get a gracetime period of three months starting from the joining date, after that we consider that you learned enough about us to feel comfortable or to leave and afterwards this contribution rule will apply. We decided to add this because we want to avoid fruitless fights over intellectual property and how he and she also added a word to this and that and so when someone leaves the whole organisation suffers because everything has to be changed around. If you want to contribute, you are doing this voluntarily, most of the stuff is customized anyways so it would not be easily reusable. We will give you full credits to your artwork, stating the origin and the creator.

We will not make rigid structures and rules until the game comes out. At least half of what gets created will have to be changed anyway because we don’t really know anything yet when you think about it. Sure, we should definitely think and talk about it, but there is no reason to put people into specific roles and levels of power right now (and maybe not even when the game is out).

We should never see people that don’t create or “do” anything as less. People that provide fun and a good talk (about anything) are at least (!) as important as those who create documents or lore or other stuff. After all, having fun and mutual trust for one another is what determines the strength and quality of a group.

At the end of the day we are all just a few geeks that share a passion for the BDSSE. Let’s make it about that! And not about tedious chores and responsibilities. Then the rest will come naturally. We need to think long term here. After all, the game is not even out by any means and is supposed to continue for at least ten years. We’d like us to stick together until then :-)

Your ships, leadership skills, flying experience are not important to us, we already have a big organization hangar that will allow you to fly a large variety of ships, all you need is a friendly personality, be grounded and willing to integrate into our community. We have no age restrictions but we require a certain amount of maturity. We have zero tolerance towards drama, racism, sexism or discrimination. If your ego is affected by leadership roles, large numbers and hailing paesants, please look somewhere else.

Our organizational structure lore-wise and only lore-wise would be a ‘family’ run organization with the patriarch as its head, controlling the syndicate and the group, whereas in the group an additional council board underneath the patriarch runs the operational business within the given directions of the patriarch.

The actual real-life approach is somewhat different. For now we have a charter committee, senior members who help keeping the organization on track and safeguarding its intentions, goals and core values.

Later on we will aim for a somewhat flexible structure that allows us to form multipurpose squads where you can for example be a trader today, fly as an escort tomorrow and as an explorer next week for example. This will also cater the interests of close groups of friends for example.

As a parallel part there will also be teams of dedicated members who are solely into military stuff, exploration, intelligence and infiltration, trading and hauling (business) and so on. Those teams will be able to organize organization wide (story-)missions and ask for participation/interest by the multiurpose orientated guys, so if you’re not dedicated to one or two activities, you will be able to voluntarily join the offered missions by the dedicated teams.

We try to ensure the widest possible range of freedom for our members activities in the verse. Also this will enable you to get sneak peeks into the different parts and genres in case you want to check out if you are into a more specific activity.

We will figure out the specific, detailed and best working operational leadership structure for us with you, our members, when we have something reasonable to decide on. At the given point of development, it makes no sense to present something serious as a given that will work in the persistent universe.

The operational leadership will be determined by you, our members through suggestions and voting.

The operational daily business will not be influenced by any charter member as long as it is respecting the given core values, boundaries and directions given by our charter and the history of the lore.

The Charter Committee will only be there to ensure that the org does not steer the wrong way.

As an example, supporting slavery, supporting racist, fascist (Messer) and xenophobic approaches will not be tolerated, oppressing our members, forcing members into activities, censoring opinions will also be punished by the Charter Committee. You can see it probably as the parents of the family ensuring the reliability, consistency and continuancy. Not just for our members so if they are away for 3 weeks they do not find a complete new organisation like it is with some of the fancy, hyperactive other orgs but also for our ingame activities, our friendly organizations and allies.

In the persistent universe every charter member will be integrated into the operational structures at that time, we will just be normal members, following advice of our squad leaders or the advice of the dedicated teams, since we also want to have fun and participate and not just make our minds up about it.

So if you still want to be part of us, please head to our website (link above) and go to ‘Membership&Diplomatic Access’ and apply there. If not, thanks for visiting our Org and see you in the ‘verse!