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Looking Glass Command / LGC

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Looking Glass Command is a Libertarian organized piracy guild, sworn to protect human rights and abolish the use of slavery. A true Roleplay Guild with primarily “good” characters engaged in Probably Not Lawful operations. Please join us on our Forums


The LGC was founded by a group of disaffected UEE Navy pilots and officers who could no longer tolerate missions that forced them to uphold slavery. The government’s tacit approval of slavery and use of UEE Navy vessels to enforce the rights of large corporations drove them to desert their posts. In an attempt to cleanse their hearts and souls of the things they had done, the group vowed to fight slavery in all it’s forms. Gathering with them men and women living outside the law but with a strong moral code they began their assault. Through the lens of law and order these people were criminals, but to the people they saved they were heroes. And so the Looking Glass Command came into focus.


The LGC is a group of abolitionists who shall pursue and eradicate all forms of slavery wherever they may occur and whomsoever may be perpetrating them. Our pilots and organization shall embark on raids against the forced-labor camps of large corporations like Hurston Dynamics; piracy of smugglers hauling slaves; blockades of governments who suppress their people through economic slavery.


All crew members will pledge below with their mark to uphold these articles:

1. Every member gets a vote and all votes are equal. Meetings will be held regularly (and RP is expected)

2. The Squadron Captain, Quartermaster, Sailing Master, Archivist and Chief Recruiter shall be elected by the Council, (bi-anually), and shall act in the best interest of the Guild in maintaining order and organization. They shall put forth ballots as necessary to initiate progressive improvements with the support of the Guild.

3. Each Squadron Member shall receive an equal share of all prizes and loot gained in actions in which he takes part, administered by the chosen captain of the sortie, who remits 10% of the total bounty to the Guild treasury.

4. Each Guild member shall keep his personal arms and articles in good working order and is responsible for the space-worthiness of his vessel.

5. Each Guild members property shall be his own. Stealing from the Guild or mates will have serious consequences on the first offense.

6. Abandoning your post or quarters during combat, treason against the Guild, intentional breaking of the Rules of Engagement, and murdering a Guildmate are punishable by marooning or death and the destruction of your ship.

7. Guild competitions, festivities and occasional drinking contests will be funded from the Guild Treasury.