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Welcome to Liberty’s Call
a Star Citizen Organisation

You in need of fuel transport, cargo transport or mining job ?
you found the right org for the job

Contact us for price requests

Interested in joining check Manifesto for info on what the org is about.


What Is Liberty’s Call?

Liberty’s Call is a Gaming Community, created 2012 for purpose of playing PlanetSide 2, since then we expanded our interest in more games like WarThunder, Insurgency, DayZ, Firefall, Smite, and of course Star Citizen.

Check out the Manifesto for info about what the Organisation is about


What We are hoping to do in Star Citizen

At the start we are going to be doing trading and mining with Multi-Crew ships and we are going to be engaging in PVE in the start of the game and learn it before we go both PVE and PVP
This doesn’t mean we won’t be trying every aspect of the game. But our early focus will be on Trading and Mining.
At later time we are planning to expand and focus on providing services of war, Mercenary and Bounty Hunting.

Why Should you join Liberty’s Call in Star Citizen

If You are looking for playing with Multi-Crew Ships, but you don’t own a multi-crew ship, join us. We are looking for crew to operate 6 Multi-Crew Ships , from Constellation to Orion Mining Vessel…
If you dont want to be bog down with Multi-Crew Ships, well those ships will always need some escort and protection, so we are also looking for awesome pilots that can help us with protection.

Multi Crew ships type in the Fleet:

OK, I’m Interested in Joining, but I want more information, who do I talk to?

You can contact us by dropping in on TeamSpeak and looking for Blackhawk, Freedooom or AlexFreeman419…
Dont worry about poking one of them. If none are online at that time, you could drop on our forum, register and post your questions there.
Lastly if you are in real hurry you could always send us email to

What are We offering to our Members ?

If you are a Member of the Liberty’s Call, you get a priority slot on our TeamsSpeak. You get access to the LC members only area on TS. Our TeamsSpeak is supported by 2 backups, so we experience 99% availability of them

We also offer a mature and fun environment for you to play, and people to play with.

We offer all of our members a Forum to plan, discuss and show of their achievements in games by Screenshots or videos.

In some games we offer our own Game Servers, (Insurgency, CS:GO);

Useful links:

Our Teamspeak Server adress:
Our: twitter
Our Steam Group:


Code of Conduct

1) Respect ALL Members.

2) Respect ALL Guests.

(This means hacking, exploits or otherwise enhancing your game outside of the intended parameters of the multiplayer game.If you are caught you will be removed from the community.)

4) DO NOT spoil games for people who do not wish for them to be spoiled.

5) Harassment will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances, ingame or on Teamspeak.
(If you have a issue with someone try to work it out, If you are unable to resolve the problem, seek assistance of a officer/leader or an Admin.)

6) Libertys Call (LC) members ALWAYS take priority over guests and randoms.