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Lightning Cup / LIGHTCUP

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Welcome to the Lightning Cup where we Host Races of almost of every kind. Come Join those who dare fast and dare deadlier.
Stop screaming back there. I already said there no brakes on this thing.


2832 John Tepes Founded The Lightning Cup with the funds of his company Oort System Collective.

2853 Adam Tepes II was placed in charge of The Lightning Cup.

2872 Due to pirate attacks over the years, the Oort System Collective went bankrupt, however the consistent profits from the lightning Cup allowed the Tepes family to make a sufficient living.

2899 James Tepes was given control of the Lightning Cup.

2941 Kore D Tepes and Zinitos D Tepes together share control over The Lightning Cup.

Last Update 5/13/2014


The Lightning Cup the org is a roster of racers that race in the yearly Lightning Cup Championship (The winner will get a Trophy Cup in the mail shipping cost may or may not be covered by the founders). Each month racers compete to enter the qualifier for the Lightning Cup Championship. We will also be hosting other races not just the main show. Like Conny races and ECT. All official races will be logged into the racers records. Join us as we travel in Lightning Speeds in the verse.

Organizations were working with

-127th Angry Angels

-Rogue Squadron

-Galactic Racing Syndicate
-Racing League

-Galactic Business Federation
-Join there org to get there benefits
-Sponsorship management


All cheaters will be kicked from competing in any further races and his/her name will be listed for all time on the wall of shame.
Pirates will not be allowed in the Lightning Cup.